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The Farm

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle The Farm From an early age I loved being on my grandparent’s farm.  I knew that I wanted to work with cattle and other farm animals. This is the story of the farm.      

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Benefits of Coconut Oil

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Benefits of Coconut Oil Coconut oil is one of the most convenient, versatile products to have in your house. Weather you’re eating it or making it into a hand cream, this stuff works. I invite you

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The Great Pumpkin

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle     The Great Pumpkin Pumpkins can be used for decorations, as ornamental stacks on your front porch, or to scare little ones around Halloween. Most of all, pumpkin can be used as a healthy food

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Fermented Food

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Fermented Food Fermentation of food is seeing a resurgence due to the presence of probiotics in fermented foods and drinks. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good for our digestive system. They help keep

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Cut A Whole Chicken

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Cut A Whole Chicken While attending the intensive seminars at Polyface farm, one of the sessions was on cutting up a whole chicken into parts.  It’s amazing how many people don’t even know how to cut

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