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Coal In The Stocking

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle  Biochar Some claim that Biochar is the pathway to carbon sequestration and a way to end global warming.  Others say Biochar is the quickest way to rid ourselves of oxygen on this earth. David Proctor  

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Cooking With Cast Iron

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle      Cooking With Cast Iron I purchased my first cast iron, a #5, which is about 5 1/2” at the bottom and 8 ½” at the top, in 1976.     David Proctor    

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Saving Pumpkin

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Saving Pumpkin For many years, I, like most of my neighbors and friends, discarded the pumpkins we used for fall decorations. Several years ago, I found that our Jack o’ Lanterns, and other fall pumpkins, did

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  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle     Thanksgiving   Thanksgiving has always been a holiday for families to take the time to get together and gather around a meal that has been symbolic for the year’s good harvest.  This day gives

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Healthy Living Quiz

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Healthy Living Quiz When it comes to eating organic, natural, wholesome food in order to maintain a healthy regenerative lifestyle, what is the single biggest challenge, frustration or problem you’ve been struggling with? David Proctor  

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