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Bee Release

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Bee Release The bees have been installed from the 6 packages that I purchased last fall.  All 60,000 bees and 6 queens, into 4 Warre hives, 1 top bar hive, and 1 horizontal hive.   David

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The Urban Chicken Update

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle The Urban Chicken Update You may have decided that you want to start raising chickens so you have your own healthy fresh eggs or maybe you gave chicks to your children for Easter.  Now where do

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The Boys Weekend Out

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle The Boys Weekend Out You owe it to yourself to get away from time to time.  This year I went with my son in law; John, to Bennett Springs Missouri, to go fly fishing for trout.

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No Till Garden Weed Control

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle No Till  Garden  Weeds do not have to be part of the equation when gardening.  I will show you three easy ways to have a no till garden. David Proctor        From Seed To

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Cherry Blossoms & Pollinators

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Cherry Blossoms One of the most anticipated times around Washington D.C. are the cherry blossom trees blooming in the spring. When you see blooms, think pollinators. David Proctor        From Seed To Fork, Egg

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