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5G and Your Health

5G is the new great technology in wireless. Does this technology pose any health threats?

David Proctor


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Wireless Technology

by David Proctor 

 December 17, 2020

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I worked on connecting tower locations for 5G about three years ago in Baltimore and DC.

The only thing that I know for a fact is that the towers are much shorter, like street lights, and located roughly about every block or two.

This enables using different and multiple frequencies to transmit and receive with, thus the ultra-wideband that 5G uses.

5G was built on top of 4G for connectivity.

That is about as close as the two get. 

The speed that 5G works at is amazing and will completely transform how we use our wireless devices.

5G will enable distance learning for schools, will allow greater use of bandwidth-intensive entertainment such as video games, and will have an effect on how local governments and businesses connect to perform their functions.

As the new IPhone rolls out, and for that matter all phones, will be set up to utilize 5G, and our phones we have now will go the way of the flip phone.

In a nutshell, the new phones are more powerful but transmit and receive information from “towers” that are much closer together.

When cell phones were first being rolled out, back in the late ’80s, no one wanted a cell tower close to them.

They either didn’t like the looks are were scarred by the electromagnetic radiation from the towers.

The scientific community has run many tests and concluded, no need to worry!




Cellphones operate at a low enough frequency that no harm can be done according to the “science”. 

This is what the FCC stands by today. 

5G operates in the spectrum that is called non-ionizing.

The harmful part of the spectrum that can cause health problems is the ionizing part of the spectrum.

Medical x-rays and radioactive sources are in this part of the spectrum.

The health risk has all been studied, tested, and has been established by peer-reviewed, scientific studies and is excepted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

What could be the problem?

Probably none…but, what if we haven’t asked the right questions in our studies.

The non-ionizing part of the electromagnetic spectrum isn’t supposed to cause any harm to our DNA.

That is what the ionizing part of the spectrum does, causes physical harm.

I know many people live under or close to powerlines.

Many people live close to cell towers and microwave towers.

Mini Cell Tower

Mini Cell Tower

I’m sure this part of our population has not had any adverse health issues related to this, that has been proven.

I’m just not so sure that I would want to live under power lines, next to a cell tower or microwave tower, and or a 5G structure.

I have spent most of my working carrier around and on these structures, but that was for a matter of hours out of a day.

What happens when you never turn your cell phone off and use it as an alarm clock as I do?

What happens when you carry more than one cell phone, one for personal and one for business, as I do?

What happens when these cell phones are next to my body or at least arm’s length, 24-7, as mine are?

When we talk about Urban Farm Lifestyle as being Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle, is that really true with the technology that we use on a daily basis?

We all hear how technology and science will save us, and maybe it has and will continue to do so.

I just have questions about what the electromagnetic frequency effect (EMF) has on nature and for that matter our bodies?

I would just have to say, be careful.

Cell phones are not toys for children, nor do they make children safe.

We did not have cell phones growing up and did just fine.

As we adapt to this new technology, and by the way, you don’t really have a choice, just try to limit your exposure.

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Changing Internet

Changing Internet

Quick Tip


Limit Close Contact Use.


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