A Year Ends – A Year Begins

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 A Year Ends – A Year Begins

This has been quite a year.  We have seen many changes with the weather and in politics. Some are relieved that the big storms have past and others are worried about the ones to come.  Depending on your views, that could be weather or politics or both.


David Proctor

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 A Year Ends – A Year Begins


                                    by David Proctor

December 29, 2016

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Starting a new year may bring you grief or relief, but concentrate on the things that you can actually have control over and I believe you will be happier.

One thing you can control is where your food comes from and the quality of that food.
This can be done by having your own garden and learning how to preserve your food.  It does not take a great deal of area to grow a few plants and techniques in food preservation are not extremely complicated.

Square Foot Gardening
Square Foot Gardening

You may want to make changes around you by helping the pollinators that are so important to growing our food.  You can start by growing a few plants that the pollinators are attracted to or even limit or stop using herbicides and pesticides.  This can have a dramatic effect on your own ecosystem in a positive way.

Plants For Pollinators
Plants For Pollinators

Try giving yourself some downtime and relaxing.  It is so easy to get wrapped up in making money or just staying on the go that you can forget why you are even doing the things that stress you out.


Pick a few things that would be fun and relaxing to do with your family.  It doesn’t have to be a big production, it can be as easy as just spending time, not money, and enjoying the other family or friend and sharing thoughts.


I don’t have a crystal ball to know what is coming around the corner, but I do know that one of the best things you can do is enjoy the moments that are now, remember the goods one you have had and look forward to the ones to come.

Fred Fair
Fredericksburg Fair

Take a few minutes and if you would like, click on a picture that interest you and you will be taken to the issue that discussed that topic.  Enjoy.

Happy Pigs
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Season For Foodies
Season For Foodies
T.J. The First Foodie

Preserving The Summer
String Theory
String Theory

These are just a few examples of the articles presented this year.  The idea behind Urban Farm Lifestyle is to take action and responsibility for yourself and not wait on someone else to do what you think needs to be done.  Too many people wait for someone else to pass a law, change a law, that has an effect on our food, our health our life. Take things into your own hands and better your life from within and around you.  Remember, you will always get what you settle for.

So as this year begins, look forward to the opportunities and rewards that you will find in food self-sufficiency and the rewards of living a life style that promotes a better place for you and your family.

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Happy New Year




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