David Proctor

David Proctor

I may not get to my farm, but I can still get to my back yard.

My goal is to reintroduce a lifestyle that is more aware of current food politics and how that will affect the future of our health and our families’ health. 

This is a deliberate approach to how our bodies are treated, the content of the food and water we consume, physical exercise to maintain health and mobility, and acquiring an awareness of the present moment.

I resolve to have a non-germaphobe outlook of putting our hands back in the dirt. To relieve stress and connect with nature; stopping to smell the roses, if you will.  Switching to a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to sacrifice excitement in your life. On the contrary, it will increase your energy for the things you aspire to do.

We need to remember, or to learn, what it is like to eat fresh vegetables, to taste meat that is not colored or injected, to drink water that is not from plastic containers, and to embrace a diet that actually tastes good.

 Inciting a physical change in ourselves will enable us to use our minds again to derive intrinsic entertainment. Let’s use our imaginations to dream of what will be, and of our bodies active and energized.  

You will have the ability to sleep without medication, because our bodies will go through its natural sleep cycle.

There will be no need to blame an “ism” for our actions, we can take accountability and treat the source or cause, not the symptom. 

This is a lifestyle change that will require effort and time.

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