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Air Plants

The gardens have been put to bed, now is the time to grow indoors.  Not everyone has a green thumb, so I will look at low maintenance plants that even I have trouble killing.


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Air Plants

                                    by David Proctor

December 10, 2015

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Inspired by how the Christmas tree has altered the mood in the house, I wanted to find other inspiring plants. I know there are poinsettias and other traditional plants for the holidays, but I wanted something that was different and would last past the holidays.

Then  I came across the air plant, which has all the attributes I have been looking for: it is relatively small, so if it dies it does not have to be hauled off, it takes very little care to maintain, and it is unique.

“Tillandsia are epiphytes and need no soil because water and nutrients are absorbed through the leaves. The roots are mainly used as anchors. Propagation is by seeds or by offsets called “pups”. A single plant could yield up to a dozen pups. Offsets can be separated when about 2/3 the size of their mother to encourage a new colony.” Wikipedia

While they are called “Air Plants” they still need water, nutrients, and light to survive.

by -Ryan & Meriel

Air Plants

The amazing thing about Air Plants is…


Garden Therapy
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As long as air plants receive indirect sun and you keep them hydrated, your options are wide open.

by Melissa J. Will
Empress of Dirt


Beautiful easy care terrarium. A glass bowl from a thrift shop, some gold spray paint, navy beans and an airplant!

Air Plant Ter. Air Plant
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Air Plant Care Instructions

It is important to maintain Tillandsias properly
The key factors are Light, Water, and Air Circulation.

by Tillandsia International

Abdita Red Form
Abdita Red Form



As you can see, the air plant is unique and can be placed in a lot of different containers (or no containers and just suspended). If you have any favorite plants that you like to have in the house, please drop me a line. I would love to feature your ideas.

Check It Out!

Air Plants: Set Up and Care for People who Kill Plants. They are REALLY REALLY EASY! And really really pretty. The perfect thoughtful gift for a gardener.:

Quick Tip

“There are three main things to be aware of when you are taking care of your Air Plant; Water, Air, and Light.”

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