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Beach Yoga

Today is Kelsey’s Birthday!! She loves the Beach and loves Yoga. Thus we will have Beach Yoga!

David Proctor


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The Beach & Yoga

by David Proctor

 February 27, 2020

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We have spent many summers going to the beach. Going to the beach is probably a carryover from Molly and I always enjoyed the lakes and rivers back in Missouri.  It just seems like we always planned things around the water.


 Sun Rise

Sun Rise

The one thing different about going to the beach is looking out over the ocean and seeing a horizon but not the other side.  I know of course you can’t see the other side, but that in itself is what makes going to the beach so humbling.  The vastness of the water reminds oneself that we are just a small, but important part of this creation.

 Morning Boat Ride

Morning Boat Ride

You let your feelings go with the waves, knowing that it doesn’t help to worry about what seemed, beforehand important.  It seems like worrying about things is what we are supposed to do.  But worry has not changed the course of events in my life.  So, let the waves take them away.

Waves Breaking

Waves Breaking

When you walk along the water and look back at the steps you left, they have soon washed away and a clean slate is left.

Sandy Feet

Sandy Feet

That is what impressed me so much the first time that Molly and I saw the ocean.  It was as if now, nobody was going to tell us what we could or couldn’t do.  We had a whole new life to explore.  Our dreams were only as big as we could imagine.  With the ocean in front of us, it made us dream big.

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Life is not easy.  No one ever told me it would be this hard.  When I am able to take a deep breath and just let my mind go, that is when I know I can get back in the game and keep going.

 Beach Day

 Beach Day

Now that you are relaxed, let Kelsey teach you how to relax further! 

Check It Out!


David: Okay, so here we are Urban Farm Lifestyle Magazine, and we are interviewing Kelsey Proctor and the yoga classes that she gets. Kelsey, can you tell us something about your yoga classes?
Kelsey: Well the kind of yoga that I’m learning to do is healing yoga.  It’s more gentle than your power yoga classes.

And the basis of it is when you’re doing your deep breathing and in a state of deep relaxation is when your body can really heal itself.
Because when you’re stressed out, your body pumps out cortisol.  And that can be really detrimental to your body if you’re constantly stressed and pumping out cortisol.

 So if you’re doing healing yoga, it kind of gives your body a break. And you can re-wire yourself and heal in a gentle way.
David: Well, let me ask you this if it’s healing what type of things can be healed. Is it just stress, or are there other things that yoga can help heal?

Kelsey: You can heal old sports injuries. You can lower your blood pressure. Hypertension, aches and pains, headaches, cramps. You can heal a lot of depression and anxiety.
And so it’s not just physical. It can be an emotional practice too.



Beach Yoga

David: So I take it that if you practice yoga then you can even intensify what it does if you maybe even eat a little healthier.

Kelsey: Without a doubt. Yoga is a lifestyle. It’s not just about the physical side of it. You have to incorporate the diet as well, or your body’s doing everything it can to try to heal, but it’s not getting the nutrients to really have the full effect.
David:  So, how long does it take for you to start noticing changes?
Kelsey:  After the first class you’ll notice that you can breathe a little better. You might notice that your shoulders aren’t as tight.
And my yoga instructor always compares it to taking your blood pressure medication every day.  If you take it every day, if you practice every day, you will notice results. Your results just get better and better over time.
David: Now is yoga just for someone that’s young and in shape?  Or is there a particular age bracket?  Or is it good for everyone?

Kelsey: Yoga is for everyone.  Children can do yoga, which in that case, you want to be certified. And people that are mature clients can do yoga as well, for sure.

You can do yoga if you’re handicapped. You can do yoga if you’re skinny if you’re overweight if you’re injured. It’s all about just educating yourself first to keep you safe.
Find the right instructor. But without a doubt, it does not have to be a strenuous exercise. It can be if you want it to be.

But it’s really about just finding what works for you. It’s a personal practice.



David:  Well, what if I am just a commuter and I’m in the car most of the day? Is there anything that can be done while I’m driving that can help ease the back pain or the neck pain from just sitting there all day?
Kelsey: Well I think your best bet is not to just wait until you’re in the car to take care of it. If you can set out a few minutes in the morning to do some neck rolls, some light neck rolls.  Touch your toes and kind of breath into your back to loosen it up.

You can also do stretches in the car, but you wanna be careful.  But, yes you can definitely, yoga will help with a lot of the back pain and the strain, and there’s also a lot of other things too.
You can play some more relaxing music so you’re not as tensed up in the car.

David: Is there a particular time of the day that yoga works best like early morning, late evening, middle of the day?

 Kelsey: Well that’s why I like healing yoga.  Because the first thing in the morning you need to be gentle with your body. You can do yoga at any time of day.
In the middle of the afternoon, if you wanna do power yoga, that’s your time to do it, because you don’t really want to get your strenuous exercise at night.

Because if you do power yoga at night, you might start pumping out some cortisol and that can interfere with your sleep. So I really recommend gentle yoga in the A.M. and P.M.,  and then get your heart racing in the afternoon.

David: Well, this has just been fascinating, it sounds like it would also be good even if you are injured, even as far as being used as physical therapy.

 Kelsey: Yes, a lot of physical therapists use yoga with their patients. You actually find a lot of the stretches you do every day just when you’re waking up or to get the kinks out, they’re yoga poses.
So, there really is something anyone can do. It’s all about finding your comfort level.

You know what makes your body feel happy. That’s what yoga is all about.


David: Well I think this is something I’m gonna have to look into more because my body could sure use some happy. So, Kelsey, this has just been a great interview and I appreciate your time and hope we can come back and talk about this some more.

Kelsey: Yes, thank you very much.


Sun Salutation    1:17

Quick Tip


1. Water
2. Sunscreen
3. Umbrella

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Happy Birthday, Kelsey!!


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