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Longevity Life Secrets Paradox: How To Die In a Young Body In Old Age!

David Proctor


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Longevity Lifestyle

by David Proctor 

 January 14, 2021

Urban Farm Lifestyle Magazine    Published Weekly

Have you ever wondered what the secret to living longer is?

Why do some people seem to live longer and are more active in their old age than many others?

Well, it probably has nothing to do with some special operation or magic pill.

The secrets to living longer are already in front of you, but most people fail to notice.

Having a healthy and fit body when you are older depends on the lifestyle that you choose to live today.

So, what are the secrets to a healthy lifestyle?

It often has more to do with small actions and choices rather than difficult routines.

You don’t have to wake at 3 am in the morning to exercise every day if you want to add a few years to your life.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Living longer requires maintaining a healthy balance of a proper diet, healthy eating, and maintaining healthy relationships.

Your mental state also plays a big role in how long you live.

People who have more tension and stress are likely to die young, so keeping a positive mindset is the way forward.

If you are looking to stay strong well into old age, then it’s all about following these steps day in and day out. You’ll still be able to live your life to the fullest.

In fact, a healthy lifestyle will leave you feeling fresher, more energized, and motivated every day.

Longevity Life Secrets Paradox: How To Die In a Young Body In Old Age

Everyone wants to remain young and healthy their whole lives, but unfortunately, this is not the way nature works.

Getting old is a reality from which you cannot escape, and even with a healthy lifestyle, you’ll have to face the effects of aging at some point in life.

However, while you cannot go against the effects of father time, you can certainly keep your body fit and young well into old age.

There are many 60-year-olds who have the body of a 35-year-old and vice versa.

It’s all up to what lifestyle choices you make during the course of your life that will determine how quickly your body ages.

By following these steps, you will be guaranteed a healthier body as you age, which makes retirement much more exciting.

If you are young, then that’s great.

By starting now you’ll have enough years ahead of you to stay fit your whole life and well into old age as well.

If you are already old, then remember that it’s never too late to start.

Eat Plenty of Whole Plant Foods 

The secret to living longer and maintaining a healthy body often lies in a healthy diet. What you get from your body is the result of what you put inside it.
By eating lots of plant-based foods, you will avoid many illnesses and live much longer.
Plant foods such as beans, lentils, and other staple grains usually contain high levels of antioxidants, which help in slowing down the effects of aging.



Many plants also have an anti-inflammatory effect which helps prevent many illnesses.
By eating a plant-rich diet, you can lower your chances of getting heart, liver, and kidney disease by at least 30%.
You’ll also end up eating less and feeling more satisfied after meals, which reduces the stress on your digestive system, helping you live a longer life.



Get Plenty of Exercises

While getting the right amount of calories in your diet can play a major role in helping you live longer, what you do with the energy also has a significant effect on your body.

People who engage in physical activity daily are less likely to get common illnesses and usually have stronger immune systems.

By getting plenty of exercise, you can add a few extra years to your life.




You don’t have to be a pro-athlete or gym rat to stay healthy and live a longer life.

Moderate exercise of fewer than 3 hours every week can make you live at least 30% longer than people who don’t exercise regularly.

Try to stretch every day to prevent back pains and joint problems as you get older.

Drink Green Tea Regularly

When it comes to living longer, green tea can work miracles for your health.

Not only does it have lots of antioxidants, but it also has chemicals such as polyphenols that play an important role in preventing cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Considering the fact that many older people die from such illnesses, you should drink green tea regularly to avoid such illnesses.


Green Tea


Green tea can also help reduce anxiety and stress and can calm you down when your body is under pressure.

It also reduces fatigue, which is one of the most common causes of early aging.

Try and drink a cup of natural green tea every day to help boost your immune system and prevent many illnesses.

Try to avoid drinking tea that has too much caffeine, however, as it could disrupt your sleep patterns and lead to unhealthy habits.

Stay Away From Alcohol, Smoking And Vaping

It’s no secret that excessive drinking can lead to health issues such as liver and heart disease, but did you know that even moderate drinking can have a negative effect on the body after many years.

One of the best ways to add a few extra years to your life and stay younger for longer is to avoid alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

Taking illegal (or legal) recreational drugs will cause you to have a weaker immune system and you will be at a higher risk of disease.

Even a few years of taking drugs when you are young can have a negative effect on your body for your whole life.

The same goes for smoking and vaping.




When it comes to such substances, then avoidance is the best option.

Get Enough Sleep

As mentioned previously, fatigue can cause you to age much faster. By getting enough sleep every day, your body will be refreshed and it will be able to repair any damaged tissue so that your body is in its best condition.

Unfortunately, many people do not get enough sleep, which leads to extra pressure on the body the next day and will cause your body to wear out much faster.




Ask any fitness expert or athlete and they’ll tell you that sleep is probably the most important part of their routines.

When you sleep, your mind gets rests as well and your blood circulation is improved, leading to a healthier body.

While many adults are satisfied with 6 hours of sleep a day, you should probably aim for 8 hours, especially if you exercise regularly or do more physical work.

Get Close To Other People 

One particular way to help you live longer is to nurture meaningful friendships.

Many studies have shown that people with stronger relationships are more likely to live a few years longer than those who don’t.

It doesn’t matter if you only have a few friends or relatives; having a close bond is important.




The same thing goes for happiness.

People with more anxiety and stress will usually age much faster than those who have a positive outlook.

Simply thinking negative thoughts can put a strain on your body, which can compound over time and cause you to age faster. 

A Complete Lifestyle (Urban Farm Lifestyle)

Living longer is dependent on your lifestyle and eating habits throughout your life.

There’s no ‘magic pill’ that will prevent you from aging and keep you young, but you can slow down this process by making the right choices daily.

In the end, good habits compounded over time will help you feel younger in your old age.

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How Does Meat-Eating Affect Longevity?
Dr. Shawn Baker, Paul Saladino MD, and Mark Sisson Discuss 8:28
Food Lies

Quick Tip

Types of Teas




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Metabolism Reboot

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I really enjoy the good food that is prepared around the holidays.  The problem I have is I love cookies! Once I start letting myself eat the sugar snacks it is really hard to stop and get back on track…

David Proctor


From Seed To Fork, Egg To Plate.

    We may not live on a farm, but we can grow where we live.

It is all about the soil!




Body Reset With Fasting

by David Proctor 

 January 7, 2021

Urban Farm Lifestyle Magazine    Published Weekly

Fasting can be used as a tool to lower insulin levels in your body. It is basically a reboot of the body, allowing the body to get to its normal state of operation.

I have written about some of the ways to get healthy and stay healthy. 

Eating sugar is not one of them.

As a matter of fact, I find it very hard to stop eating sweets once I start.


Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties

The only way I have found to get off of that train wreck pattern is to go on a short fast.

Even if I haven’t gotten on the sugar train of eating, I will try to periodically pick a day that I fast.

Generally, when I do this, I will eat a light meal on Saturday, not eat at all Sunday, then break the fast on Monday.

I do drink coffee and drink water but eat no food.

If you have ever tried this, it seems at first like it is not possible to go without eating.

This is all in your mind, and maybe a little from your gut.

That is good though, with some willpower and perseverance, it is not that hard to do and the results are really worth it.

A fast will reset your stomach and brain as to your eating desires and cravings.

I generally do not fast to lose weight but to stop gaining weight.

That may seem strange, but the goal is to change eating habits and desires.

Sort of like going cold turkey.

It seems like, at least in my case, that sugar has a very strong pull on me once I have started eating it for a period of time.

Fasting will break that desire that I think I need more or any at all.

Some have gone on extended fasting for weight loss or maybe religious reasons.

I have not really done that and can not relay any experience nor really a desire to do that.

Fasting for my purpose is to get the body to consume calorie intake from fat, not sugar.

Our brain functions better when using fat energy than it does from sugar or carbohydrate energy.


This starts getting complicated since there are different types of sugars and carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are a huge part of what our food has become. We are consuming more and more all the time in our diet.  This is one of the main causes of obesity.

Yes, I realize that there are countries that their main substance is starch and they have a lower incidence of ill health effects than in the USA. But these countries are not consuming the vast amounts of sugar as we do.

With that being said, this is not a simple topic and this is only a high-level view.

We have many things that need to be worked on when it comes to diet in our society.

You have to start somewhere, and this is my starting point, not an endpoint.

We have been told how our agriculture machine is feeding the world.

This is probably a very true statement, but what are we producing that is feeding the world?

If you stop to think about what our agriculture is producing, by far; soybeans, wheat, and corn. 

All the ingredients needed to produce processed foods.
And the sad thing about this is that we have produced so much, we try and find ways to get rid of the excess production.

We have so much corn we turn it into ethanol and mix it with gas for our cars.

With milk, we have so much, we have to turn it into cheese. 

You can only eat so much cheese so what do you do with it, push the food “staple” called pizza.

If we would only stop subsidizing overproduction. 

We are not helping the family farm; we are putting them out of business by this practice and institutionalizing the industrial farm.

So, what does this tirade over our current agriculture paradigm have to do with fasting?

Fasting is the process of helping us get back to ground zero with our bodies.

Our body will switch over to burning fat instead of sugar. 

This will help us to regain healthy homeostasis.

We need healthy nutrient-dense food to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

This is what agriculture needs to produce.

If you are like me, you will not blow away if you do not eat after supper until the next day at lunch.

This does not have to be done every day, reset your body after the weekend, the first of the week.

Remember that the word breakfast is from breaking fast. 

I am talking about a twelve to sixteen hour fast.

Make the first meal lunch.

Let lunch consist of some of the “Genius Foods” (see Quick Tip below).

This will not only help our minds and bodies but will help send a message with our dollars that we are not supporting the unhealthy food that is being sold on the grocery shelves.

I have found that sugar can cause a whole host of problems in the human body, such as inflammation, higher blood pressure, weight gain, fatty liver disease, plus sugar intake can lead to obesity and the list goes on.

This does not happen by just eating a little bit of sugar, but our diets have huge amounts of added sugar that we don’t even realize we are consuming.
Bottom line, we, or at least myself, tend to overindulge on the sweet items, especially around the holidays.

My suggestion to you, if you have experienced this yourself, is to try a short fast.

Be tough, you can do it. I don’t think any of us will blow away if we don’t eat for a day.

Start your New Year off right with a reset to your body.

Check It Out!


Benefits of Fasting


Quick Tip

Max Lugavere

Genius Foods
1. Eggs
2. Dark leafy greens
3. Dark Chocolate
4. Coffee
5. Green tea
6. Extra-virgin olive oil
7. Broccoli Sprouts
8. blueberries
9. Tumeric
10. Fatty fish
11. Water

Dementia is preventable through lifestyle. Start now. | Max Lugavere | TEDxVeniceBeach     19:37


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“Fasting.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 5 Jan 2021,



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New Year’s Eve 2020

Urban Farm Lifestyle

  Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle 

2020 – 2021

Some will say this has been a trying year, and others may say that is an understatement. I say…nothing.

David Proctor


From Seed To Fork, Egg To Plate.

    We may not live on a farm, but we can grow where we live.

It is all about the soil!




New Year

by David Proctor 

 December 31, 2020

Urban Farm Lifestyle Magazine    Published Weekly

The reason I say nothing about this last year is, no matter what you say someone will not like what has been said.
As I have said before, life is all about attitude and perspective. 
If you feel bummed out about what is going on in your life, make a list of ten things you are grateful for.
At the top of the list, you might want to be thankful that you are here to even make the list!
After that is done, think about what the year has taught you.
Are you happy with what you do, or do you think you have no choice, you have to continue down the same path?
Remember, you will always get what you settle for.
Pull from this year things that you are not willing to settle for.
Determine what one small step you can take to make a change.
Then repeat.
We do not build strength through an easy, relaxing “normal”.
The challenges are what make us pivot and make changes in our lives.
Change comes from the inside out.
Make this new year, a year that you wish would not end.
Have a happy, healthy, regenerative lifestyle.

Check It Out!

Have any of you thought about the next step? Homesteading!

I would like to write some articles on self-sufficiency outside the city limits.
Let me know your thoughts. Leave a comment.

Quick Tip


Now is the time to be composting for next year’s garden.

Click for your composting guide.


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Christmas Eve 2020

Urban Farm Lifestyle

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This Christmas is especially in need of the gifts of  Peace, Love, Joy, Hope, and to have a deeper Faith.

David Proctor


From Seed To Fork, Egg To Plate.

    We may not live on a farm, but we can grow where we live.

It is all about the soil!




My Christmas Card To You

by David Proctor 

 December 24, 2020

Urban Farm Lifestyle Magazine    Published Weekly


Mobile Urban Farm Lifestyle

Mobile Urban Farm Lifestyle

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Dock Side - Oriental NC

DockSide – Oriental NC

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Santa Loves The Beach

Santa Loves The Beach

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Urban Farm Lifestyle

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5G and Your Health

5G is the new great technology in wireless. Does this technology pose any health threats?

David Proctor


From Seed To Fork, Egg To Plate.

    We may not live on a farm, but we can grow where we live.

It is all about the soil!



Wireless Technology

by David Proctor 

 December 17, 2020

Urban Farm Lifestyle Magazine    Published Weekly

I worked on connecting tower locations for 5G about three years ago in Baltimore and DC.

The only thing that I know for a fact is that the towers are much shorter, like street lights, and located roughly about every block or two.

This enables using different and multiple frequencies to transmit and receive with, thus the ultra-wideband that 5G uses.

5G was built on top of 4G for connectivity.

That is about as close as the two get. 

The speed that 5G works at is amazing and will completely transform how we use our wireless devices.

5G will enable distance learning for schools, will allow greater use of bandwidth-intensive entertainment such as video games, and will have an effect on how local governments and businesses connect to perform their functions.

As the new IPhone rolls out, and for that matter all phones, will be set up to utilize 5G, and our phones we have now will go the way of the flip phone.

In a nutshell, the new phones are more powerful but transmit and receive information from “towers” that are much closer together.

When cell phones were first being rolled out, back in the late ’80s, no one wanted a cell tower close to them.

They either didn’t like the looks are were scarred by the electromagnetic radiation from the towers.

The scientific community has run many tests and concluded, no need to worry!




Cellphones operate at a low enough frequency that no harm can be done according to the “science”. 

This is what the FCC stands by today. 

5G operates in the spectrum that is called non-ionizing.

The harmful part of the spectrum that can cause health problems is the ionizing part of the spectrum.

Medical x-rays and radioactive sources are in this part of the spectrum.

The health risk has all been studied, tested, and has been established by peer-reviewed, scientific studies and is excepted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

What could be the problem?

Probably none…but, what if we haven’t asked the right questions in our studies.

The non-ionizing part of the electromagnetic spectrum isn’t supposed to cause any harm to our DNA.

That is what the ionizing part of the spectrum does, causes physical harm.

I know many people live under or close to powerlines.

Many people live close to cell towers and microwave towers.

Mini Cell Tower

Mini Cell Tower

I’m sure this part of our population has not had any adverse health issues related to this, that has been proven.

I’m just not so sure that I would want to live under power lines, next to a cell tower or microwave tower, and or a 5G structure.

I have spent most of my working carrier around and on these structures, but that was for a matter of hours out of a day.

What happens when you never turn your cell phone off and use it as an alarm clock as I do?

What happens when you carry more than one cell phone, one for personal and one for business, as I do?

What happens when these cell phones are next to my body or at least arm’s length, 24-7, as mine are?

When we talk about Urban Farm Lifestyle as being Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle, is that really true with the technology that we use on a daily basis?

We all hear how technology and science will save us, and maybe it has and will continue to do so.

I just have questions about what the electromagnetic frequency effect (EMF) has on nature and for that matter our bodies?

I would just have to say, be careful.

Cell phones are not toys for children, nor do they make children safe.

We did not have cell phones growing up and did just fine.

As we adapt to this new technology, and by the way, you don’t really have a choice, just try to limit your exposure.

Check It Out!


Changing Internet

Changing Internet

Quick Tip


Limit Close Contact Use.


“5G.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 13 Dec. 2020,

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Reardon, Marguerite. “Is 5G Hazardous to Your Health?” CNET,

“What Is 5G: Everything You Need to Know About 5G: 5G FAQ.” Qualcomm, 25 Aug. 2020,


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