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Information about eggs and breeds of chickens.

Pasture Poultry

  Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle  Electric Poultry Fence With the movement towards free-range chickens, we have to consider how to keep them in one place and keep predators out.  David Proctor              From Seed To Fork, Egg

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Baby Chick Prep

  Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle  Chicks If you have thought about having some chickens in your backyard or keeping the baby chicks that you give to your little one for Easter, then this article will help you prepare for your new adventure.

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Living Soil vs Dirt

  Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle  Soil vs Dirt “Dirt is what you get on your clothes and hands while working in the soil. Soil is made up of elements that have been decomposing since the earth was created.” David Proctor    

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New Year’s Eve 2020

  Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle  2020 – 2021 Some will say this has been a trying year, and others may say that is an understatement. I say…nothing. David Proctor              From Seed To Fork, Egg To Plate.

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How To Cut Up Whole Chicken

  Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle  Cut-Whole Chicken While attending the intensive seminars at Polyface farm a few years ago, one of the sessions was on cutting up a whole chicken into parts.  It’s amazing how many people don’t even know how to

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