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Cooking With Lard

  Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle  Lard I have always loved to cook with cast iron skillets. Using lard to cook with keeps the food from sticking, the food tastes better, and my cast iron stays seasoned. Enjoy, David Proctor       

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Open Source Seeds

  Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle   Rented Seeds The ability to save seeds, even heirloom varieties is being threatened by recent mergers of Bayer/Monsanto, ChemChina/Syngenta, and Dow/DuPont. We have gone from six to three companies owning the world’s seeds. Enjoy, David Proctor  

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Nutrient-Dense Soup

  Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle  Bone Broth A hot bowl of soup can really taste good on a cold day, but it can also make you feel and look younger! Enjoy, David Proctor              From Seed To Fork,

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Body Reset

  Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle  Metabolism Reboot I really enjoy the good food that is prepared around the holidays.  The problem I have is I love cookies! Once I start letting myself eat the sugar snacks it is really hard to stop

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Fermented Foods

  Healthy-Sustainable-Regenerative Lifestyle  Fermentation Fermentation of food is seeing a resurgence due to the presence of probiotics in fermented foods and drinks. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are good for our digestive system. They help keep our gut

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