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Christmas is a celebration of God’s love shown through His Son, Jesus Christ.



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Christmas Celebration

by David Proctor

 December 22, 2022

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This Christmas is especially in need of the gifts of Peace, Love, Joy, Hope, and to have a deeper Faith.

Take time to be with your family, enjoy the festive moments, and be thankful.


Merry Christmas


Our First Christmas Together

Our First Christmas Together

Check It Out!

Long ago, one silent night,
God revealed His glory bright;
His own image came to man
For salvation’s matchless plan.
Jesus, Savior, Shepherd, King-
Lord of all, to You we bring
Praises, wonder, thanks, and love
For this gift from God above.

–Matt Anderson

Quick Tip

The greatest gift you can give is yourself.

Stuff will not bring happiness, only the gift you give of your time and attention to others.




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