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End of Year

End of Year.  This is when we assess where we have gone this last year and where we think we want to go next year. This issue will highlight a few of the places we have gone this last year and close with where we want to go.

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Year End

by David Proctor

December 27, 2018

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This has been a really different year for myself.  A true fork in the road.  I have high hopes for 2019 and the opportunities that are out there.

I hope your last year was a fork in the road for you. We have to keep learning and trying new things, some maybe out of our comfort zone.

One of the articles that I brought to you was on 3D Ocean Farming.  What a fascinating concept, to be able to farm in the open waters! Volume 4 Issue 29


3D Ocean Farming

3D Ocean Farming

Another trending concept is taking the farm off the land and into a box! Or as it is call “Farm In A Box”, which is container farming using hydroponics. Volume 4 Issue 6

Farm In A Box

Farm In A Box

Then this brings us to the concept, is or should food that is grown hydroponically be labeled organic? Volume 4 Issue 4


Hydroponic vs Organic

Not only how we grow our food and label it, we also looked at the food itself, such as raw milk. Volume 4 Issue 23

Raw Milk Laws

Raw Milk Laws

Plus, we looked at the molecular aspects of food = GMO in Volume 4 Issue 10 – Genetically Modified Organism.  When not just natural selection is used to make changes in food, but actual DNA from a like or unlike organism is used to change the natural molecular makeup of the plant or animal.



In the end, this is about our health, our family’s health and our community’s health.

Health includes, physical, and emotional, besides what we have ingested.  That is what I have tried to bring to each of the readers.  Do not take for granted the food that you eat, make a point to know where it came from.  Do not take for granted your neighbors and their well-being.  It takes a community to raise a family, and a community to take care of the old.

Remember the past, live in the present, and plan for the future! Have a Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle.

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