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We all thought that by going organic we would get back to wholesome food and away from GMO. Now we have gene editing with CRSPR-Cas9.

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by David Proctor

 January 09, 2020

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Do I have your attention or are you already asleep?  Your thinking back to biology class and how you hated it!

CRISP-CAS9 is a genome-editing tool that is used to precisely locate a sequence and alter, remove or replace that sequence.

If this editing is done on reproductive cells, this change can be passed from one generation to the next.

Most countries have had grave concerns about GMO (genetically modified organism) food that is in mainstream agriculture and being consumed by about all of us.

Some countries have outlawed this type of genetics, but not the US.

This process of genetic manipulation will not be going away. Many will look at what can be done and try to use this for good.  Others may not abide by what is good for all and have other motives.

Most of us feel that this may not be the best way for agriculture to go and have looked back at more traditional methods of growing and raising food.

The government has to some extent regulated GMO food but that doesn’t mean much because they do not see any harm in the process.

If GMO ever gave you any concerns then hold on to your hat when it comes to gene editing. At this time the government and most labs are not able to tell if the genes have been edited.

This is due to sequences being removed and added but not from foreign genetic material.

If one thought the genie was let out of the bottle with GMO, then this technology has the potential to totally change life as we know it, for better and or for worse.

So, time to wake up. This is not biology class, but just a short note on a topic that will be part of all of our lives if not already.

If you would like to learn a little more about the gene-editing process, then please watch the video below.

Check It Out!

CRISPR: Gene editing and beyond 4:31
nature video

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This little display will tell you all the hope and reasons why we should approve and accept this technology. 


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