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Happy.  What makes you happy? During times of adversity, sickness or just feeling like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, flowers can help cheer you up.  Carolyn writes of her day trip to go see flowers at Burnside Farms for the Holland in Haymarket Festival.


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Burnside Farms: Holland in Haymarket Festival

by Carolyn Proctor

April 27, 2017

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Last Friday I had the pleasure of making a trip to Burnside Farms in northern Virginia on my day off. Here is a list of the highlights from the farm as encouragement for you to visit before the season ends.

Right now Burnside is celebrating their Holland in Haymarket Festival, which is a brief period in which the public can purchase tickets for one of the most renowned pick your own flower events in North America. The farm plants nearly eight acres that include over a million tulips and daffodils.

Due to the unpredictability of the weather, the opening day fluctuates every year, but fell on April 12th and is beginning to wind down. Dependent on the popularity and weather, Burnside is typically open for just a few weeks.

To attend the festival, you must first purchase a ticket at the gate, which is $6-8 dollars whether it is a weekday or weekend, passports are available for the season for unlimited re-entry for $14, and children under two can enter for free. The daffodils are two for $1 and tulips are one for $1, per stem.

My trip only included the flower picking, although, there are more activities available. Burnside Farms also houses three bounce features, playhouse area, corn hole games, a picnic area, and more than 100 pairs of authentic Dutch wooden shoes.

To receive updates on any changes in hours, you can visit the farms website at http://www.burnsidefarms.com/ or like their Facebook page by just searching Burnside Farms. Personally, I found to check the updates more frequently on the Facebook Page!

If for any unfortunate reason you are unable to make the Holland in Haymarket Festival, there will be a Summer of Sunflowers Festival that usually falls in the middle of July! This will include over 30 varieties of “cutting” sunflowers on nearly six successive acres.

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Holland In Haymarket

Flowers At Burnside Farms


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