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Clean water is needed in almost every aspect of life. Plants, animals, and our own bodies need adequate hydration of clean water to be and stay healthy.


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Healthy Hydration

by David Proctor 

 January 21, 2021

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if your body doesn’t get enough water?

With most of our body’s functioning relying on water, one of the most important things that you should do in order to live healthily is to stay hydrated.

While most people know that drinking enough water is good for their health, few people actually stay hydrated as they should.

It’s no wonder that kidney stones, dehydration, and other illnesses are becoming more common. Staying hydrated can help you feel more energized as well.

Studies have shown that proper water consumption can help increase your metabolism rate, which helps you feel more energized.

Everyone wants to feel healthy and fit, but there’s no way any diet or training program will work if you are not hydrated and fresh.

Remember, that it’s the small things that have the most impact on your health.

Drinking enough water may seem like a normal thing, but only someone who has experienced dehydration will know how crucial it is to stay healthy.

So next time you feel hungry, are training, or are feeling dryness, you should take a minute to think whether you need to drink water or not.

You can literally hydrate your way into looking and feeling healthier.



Hydrate your way into looking and feeling healthier 

You’ve probably been told your whole life to stay hydrated and drink enough water.

While not everyone is a nutritionist or doctor, the best advice that you can give to someone is to drink enough water.

While this may seem quite simple, it is the best way to stay healthy and look good.

Because of the crucial role that water plays in ensuring the proper functioning of the body, staying hydrated can help prevent many common illnesses as well.

From improving hearing and vision to aiding in weight loss, there are countless health benefits to staying hydrated.

In fact, drinking enough water is the single most important piece of advice that any nutritionist will give you.

While the amount of water you drink to stay hydrated may vary according to your daily activities and the weather, you should always be aware of your needs and drink water when you feel thirsty.

It’s the body’s natural way of telling you that you need more water.

If your skin is dry or begins to crack, then it’s probably due to a lack of hydration.

While moisturizing creams can help, staying hydrated is the only solution to dry skin.

Other signs that you may be needing more water is constant fatigue or dizziness.

In fact, sometimes people think that they are hungry when in reality, their body is craving for water.

Knowing when you need to drink water is the first step in staying hydrated.

Here are some of the main reasons why staying hydrated is good for your health:

Water is essential for proper digestion

A proper digestive system is essential for getting the most nutrients out of your food and preventing many illnesses such as stomach ulcers and constipation.

During this process, your digestive system relies on water to help break down the food particles.

From the moment you chew your food, the bacteria in your saliva start to break it down, making it easier to digest.

Water is one of the main components of saliva, which is why your mouth gets dry when you are dehydrated.

When your food reaches the intestines, it is dissolved in various acids and bacteria which help take the nutrients out of the food.

If you are experiencing constipation or indigestion, it’s probably because you did not drink enough water.

Staying hydrated will help your food digest more easily and you’ll get more energy from your food as a result.

Staying hydrated is important for exercise and weight loss

If you exercise regularly or are on a weight loss program, then getting enough water can improve your performance and help you lose weight faster.

When you exercise, you lose a lot of water in the form of sweat.

However, did you know that your body also gets rid of many toxins when you sweat?

This is why exercise is important for staying healthy.

Many studies have shown that people who are on a weight loss program actually see better results when they drink more water before a workout.

While you should never drink too much water directly before training hard, you should make sure that you are properly hydrated to get the best results from your workouts.

Another reason why you should drink more water when exercising is that it helps replace the electrolytes that your body loses through sweating.

Nutritionists also recommend drinking more water after intense workouts to aid with recovery.

Your cells need water to synthesize protein, which is essential in repairing damaged muscle tissue.

Staying hydrated is beneficial for mental health as well

Drinking the right amount of water will not only keep you physically fit, but is also good for your mental health as well.

Studies have shown that water plays an important role in improving cognitive function, which can help you think more clearly.

So next time you are stuck with a problem that you can’t understand, try and take a 5-minute break to refresh your mind and to drink water.

Have you ever felt moody when you were hungry or thirsty?

This is part of your body’s reaction to water deprivation which causes you to feel moody and irritated.

Your emotions are dependent on many different factors, and a major part of this is whether your body is getting all its physical requirements or not.

So next time you feel grumpy or irritated in hot weather, try and calm yourself down by drinking a glass of cool water.

Staying hydrated is good for your looks 

People who are hydrated properly tend to have more elastic skin than people who don’t drink enough water.

This is because water forms part of the blood circulation under the skin which affects its elasticity.

While aging and other factors do make a difference, people who are properly hydrated will generally have better skin.

Water can help remove toxins from your body

With so much modification in the food we eat nowadays, it’s likely that your body is full of harmful toxins that accumulate over time.

Fortunately for us, the body has a natural system of cleansing the blood through the kidneys.

This process uses a lot of water, which is why you feel pain in your kidneys when you are dehydrated.

Proper hydration will help the kidneys remove the waste material and other toxins with ease, which helps prevent many illnesses and keeps your body healthy.

You’ll feel more energized as a result and your stamina will increase.

One of the first signs of dehydration is pain in the kidneys.

How much water do you need to stay hydrated?

There’s no exact figure to the amount of water that your body needs as everyone has different lifestyles.

There are many factors that could affect how much water you need to stay hydrated.

These include your climate, age, exercise habits, and other factors.

However, you should generally drink water when you feel thirsty.

If your mouth or lips are dry, it could be due to a lack of water.

In some cases, you’ll need to increase your water intake if you have kidney pain or illness such as diarrhea.

One of the key factors to a healthy, sustainable, regenerative Urban Farm Lifestyle is…water!

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Quick Tip


Avoid fluoridated water and drinking water from plastic bottles.
Drink from glass containers.


Fluoride Cleansing Herbs


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