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I Need Your Help

I try to research and write articles that hopefully have some information that you can glean from and better your lifestyle.  Instead of trying to guess where you are at in your life and what your needs are, I would like your advice in what articles you would like to read and that pertain to your individual needs.

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Your Advice Is Needed

by David Proctor

August 16, 2018

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I know you all are thinking that at least now he finally admits that he needs help.  You may be right but that is not the type of help I am asking for!

I have written about a myriad of topics, from chickens to aquaculture, food labels to poison ivy remedies.  These all pertain to our life but do they answer the problem that is keeping you up at night?

Most articles are about our health and what lifestyle changes can be of benefit to obtaining a healthy regenerative lifestyle.
The choices that we make when we purchase food, and the outcomes to our health from what we eat has always been a great concern.

I have concerns for stewardship of the environment around us.  If we make everyday decisions that keeps our local environment healthy, we in turn will share in that health.

This is why I have come to you for help.  I need advice as to the direction that I can research and provide information that will help serve you and your current situation.  I want to provide information that you need and want to know more about.
Please help me by giving me your advice on the subjects that would benefit you the most in your lifestyle. 

Please provide as much information as you feel that you can with the valuable time that you are taking to help me.  You will be the guide to Urban Farm Lifestyle Magazine.


Please click on the link to record your response >>>> http://bit.ly/2vHNTyq


Thank you so much.



As I get older, I find that it is much easier to gain body fat and specifically I have found that with increased body fat, my lower back can go out without hardly doing anything.  It seems that there is a correlation between body fat around my middle (spare tire) that is adding pressure to my lower back.  I need to know how to strengthen my core, without throwing my back out, and decrease body fat.

I have two bee hives in my backyard.  I have top bar hives and use natural comb.  Each year I have had an infestation of Wax Moths in the hives, which has decimated the hives.  What can I do specifically to reduce the Wax Moths or eliminate the problem without using chemicals that could harm my bees?
I have a child that shows symptoms of ADHD.  I am concerned that this behavior will manifest itself in the classroom and other social areas and will cause my child to feel that he needs to close himself off from these settings.  Is their anything that can be done by diet or lifestyle change that can help alleviate these symptoms?

Please click on the link to record your response >>>> http://bit.ly/2vHNTyq


Thank you so much.



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