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Strong Immunity

Our immune system is very important for our health and wellbeing. When our bodies are attacked by bacteria and viruses, our immune system is what fights off infections and diseases.


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Six Steps to Strong Immunity

by David Proctor

 August 25, 2022

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I have heard time and again about so many people getting sick and some of those that have gotten sick, dying from virus infections over the last few years.
I hope that the vaccines are able to give the desired effects that we all hope for.

I hear almost nothing about boosting our immune system naturally.

Boosting our immune system naturally is almost not even a consideration by politicians and scientists.

All I hear is wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay away from everyone. 

I won’t argue against those recommendations as far as trying to hold the spread of disease, but we will all probably be exposed if we haven’t been already.

I want to point out some things that can help one to survive the times.

One thing is to lower stress.


Lower Stress

Lower Stress


If all you do is watch the news and hear about nothing good but only bad, turn the channel or turn the TV off. 

The TV stations are looking for ratings, and nothing will boost that better than fear

Usually, it’s the weatherman’s job, but now we get it from the everyday reporters.

Second, pay attention to what you eat.





If you are not careful, junk food and processed fast food will have just the same results on your body but will just take longer to run their course.

Now that the TV is off, and no political ads are playing, it’s time to start cooking again, or for some the first time to cook.

Start by using the freshest ingredients you can find.

Look for foods that have dark colors and taste strong, these will have more punch nutritionally.

Try and find nutrient-dense food grown and raised by local farmers/ranchers.

I know we are getting out of the growing season but we can still get good nutrition even though our store shelves may be bare at times.

This is where having a summer garden and canning can really play a big part in your health.

The big takeaway here is to go for naturally grown and raised.

Try to stay away from processed foods and chemically engineered goop that they are trying to pass off as vegetarian fake meat.

Third, work on getting quality sleep.


King Sleeping

King Sleeping


The sleep you get can help your overall mood and health.

Try and get at least six hours if not eight hours, of good sleep.

Fourth, eat better meat.  Meat that is raised from birth to death outside and grass-fed.


Grass-Fed Beef

Grass-Fed Beef


You will not only get vitamins and nutrients that your body needs, but cannot be found elsewhere, in as nutrient-dense food as meat.

The fifth is to try to work on gut health.

Most illnesses start in the gut.


Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods


Antibiotics are terrible for gut health.

Work on your gut health by incorporating probiotics into your diet.

Kombucha and other fermented foods are good sources.

Last but not least, number six, is to move!


Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics


You don’t have to run, you don’t have to lift weights, just don’t sit, but instead, stretch and walk.

Try and work out for at least an hour a day.

The bottom line is strengthening your immune system naturally does not require you to follow a strict routine or take strange herbal combinations.

In fact, all it requires is that you get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and eat the right foods.

Healthy eating can actually be fun, once you know which foods to eat.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, it’s that simple.

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Kombucha Recipe

Kombucha Recipe

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Time To Relax – Go Fishing




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