Jalapeno Update #3

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Jalapeno Update #3

I am a little surprised, the Jalapeno plant is still hanging on, and the cuttings are growing.  Who would have thought that I might have a little bit of a green thumb?




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Jalapeno Update #3


                                   by David Proctor

January 19, 2017

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When I started this experiment of bringing the jalapeno plant indoors and taking some cuttings from it, I really thought I would be doing well to keep the plant alive long enough to take the cuttings.  I am still getting new leaf growth and buds on the plant.

Jalapeno Bud
Jalapeno Lights And A Bud

The cuttings have roots on the support pods that they were placed in.  With that said they are ready to be transplanted into a pot or container where they can continue to grow.

Ready For Larger Container

I had good intentions on ordering a larger hydroponics setup but failed to have done so.  I thought I would try another experiment and transfer one on the cuttings to a pot filled with perlite and vermiculite.  I did that on Sunday afternoon and watered the plant well with water and plant food.

Monday afternoon, experimental plant didn’t make it, the leaf is all dried up and basically dead.  It was worth a try but I took it out of a heated humidity dome and placed it in a pot that more or less wicked all the moisture out of the cutting with the surrounding dry matter.  The plant probably went straight into shock.

Dead Jalapeno Plant

 My Transplanted Cutting

The next step is to order the hydroponics setup.  Or try another transplant into a medium that can hold moisture.  I have potting soil and the perlite and vermiculite to mix together.  I will keep you posted.

Jalapeno & Cuttings 

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