Longer Days

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Longer Days

We are now getting out of the planning stages of gardening and into the preparation of the soil and plants. If you haven’t already started these preparations, now is a good time. The article today is by Laurie Calloway and a peak at how she gets her garden ready for the warm months ahead.



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Longer Days


                                    by Laurie Calloway

April 14, 2016

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As the days become longer, and the temperatures warmer, the backyard gardener begins to prepare for the next season.

The winter in our area was somewhat mild, and the collards and kale planted in the fall wintered over nicely, both in the garden and in containers.

collards & kale

Garlic planted in late November became established over the winter, and grows taller each day. Lettuce plants from nursery seedlings, planted a few weeks ago, are now mature enough to use for salads.


The soil in the garden has been turned since late February, and coffee grounds, crushed egg shells, and ashes from the winter fireplace were saved, added to the soil, and mixed in well.
coffee & egg shells

Inside, tomato seeds saved from last year’s heirloom tomatoes, were planted, and have begun to sprout.


When the true leaves begin to emerge from the seedlings, they are moved to larger containers, awaiting planting. It is important not to plant them outside too soon, as tempting as it may be. It is best to wait until the second week of May, after all danger of frost is gone.

It is hard to believe that in just a few more weeks, the garden will begin to take shape, adding peppers and eggplants, among other vegetables.

Enjoy the season!

by Laurie Calloway


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Quick Tip

  1. Unless you have a cold frame, wait till May to put plants out.
  2. Coffee grounds and egg shells mixted in with your soil make a good organic base for your plants.
  3. View the infographic for natural pesticides.



Author and gardener Laurie Calloway


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