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This is the weekend that the Mother Earth News Fair was to take place at the Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA.  I was to have a booth at this event, considered to be the “Woodstock for Farmers”, with over 10,000 expected to attend!


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Mother Earth News Fair – Polyface Farm

by David Proctor

 July 16, 2020

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PolyFace Farm


The line-up for this event of headliner speakers was very impressive:

  • Eliot Coleman–a protege of Scott and Helen Nearing and world icon of extended season vegetable production and profitable small-scale commercial gardening.


  • Sally Fallon Morrel–founder and president of the worldwide Weston A. Price Foundation


  • Dr. Sina McCullough–biochemist nutritionist food coach and my co-author of the upcoming book BEYOND LABELS.


  • Diana Rodgers–credentials in nutrition and dietetics up the wazoo, hostess of acclaimed podcast THE SUSTAINABLE DISH and debuting as part of the fair her blockbuster documentary  SACRED COW.


  • Robb Wolf–founder of Paleo, author, and defender of primal eating


  • Darren Doherty–founder of Regrarians and the farm development platform “10 Points of Permanence” based on P.A. Yeoman’s work; debuting his new Regrarians Handbook at the fair (he’s Australian, so you’ll want to listen to him just to enjoy the accent)


  • Dan Kittredge–founder and chief at the Bionutrient  Food Association and ramrod behind developing empirical democratized nutrient testing


  • J.M. Fortier–Canadian protege of Eliot Coleman and guru of full-time salaried produce micro-farming


  • Dick Cheatham–world-class costumed historical re-enactor presenting “The Homesteader Who Saved America”


  • Rory Feek–legendary singer/songwriter from Nashville in concert Friday evening


  • Joel Salatin—Host and owner of Polyface Farm

PolyFace Farm

Polyface Farm

Not only will the event have these speakers, but since it is on a private farm they will be able to have many demonstrations and workshops that would not be able to be done elsewhere.

The problem is, it has been CANCELED till next year July 2021 due to the virus shutdowns.

I even have a spot reserved for my Airstream at a local campground.

That too has been moved to next near.

I’m not complaining about the decision but just disappointed. I’ve never gone to anything like this nor even thought about having a booth.

I just wanted to be part of a program that had so many opportunities to learn and share with other like-minded individuals.

Not sure what could happen between now and next year but hopefully this virus or a mutation of it is still not around or a daily news item.  I’m so sick of hearing about this in the media!

Hope all readers are doing well and healthy. If not, I hope your immune system is fighting this virus or what may be ailing you, off.

Check It Out!

This is the banner I had made up for the event:


Any suggestions on changes would be appreciated since I have a year to get it done!  

I was hoping to increase my readership by being able to have people scan or type in the URL,, and signing up for the free magazine.

Quick Tip

Event Map:



Vendor Map

I’m or Will Be Booth  #1511


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