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We are now truly focused on what is ahead for us all in 2019… 


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2019 – New Year

by David Proctor

January 3, 2019

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We are now truly focused on what is ahead for us all in 2019.  We have not seen such low unemployment in decades, the New York Stock Exchange is still in extremely high territory and inflation is still under control.  What is their not to like going into this New Year?

We can focus on political likes and dislikes, and many will.  For a moment, stop and think of where you are at and how lucky we are to be living in the United States.
Life is not easy and also comes with many challenges, but we are a truly blessed country.

Try not to think about what you don’t have, but stop and think about all the things you do have and an abundance of, like the best health care in the world, the best schools, low cost of energy, the list goes on.

That is a look at the macro around us.  The micro is ourselves and what we plan to try and achieve this year.

May I highlight a few ideas that I am working on for myself.

The first positive thing I want to do this year is each day, try and focus on the 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle).  What is the one (20%) positive thing that I can do each day that will supply the (80%) majority of all positive results.

I think the greatest application of this principle is in attitude or frame of mind that we make our decisions in.  A pour attitude can bring on a downward spiral, even in the best of situations.

The second thing I would like to focus on is one thing that I do not feel comfortable doing and that is public speaking.  One of the best things I did in High School was take public speaking.

Public Speaking

I am not sure if they even offer that class in today’s schools.  It is difficult for me even after having training in the practice of public speaking, I can only imagine what it is like for the generations that have not had that opportunity.

The third thing I want to achieve this year is to finally have at least one chicken.  I know that sounds a little strange, but I want to have a chicken for eggs and to eventually eat.


I would like to have at least one chicken!

The fourth thing I would like to get back into is working out at least one day a week with a trainer.  The trainer I had last year in Greensboro, NC was the best.  Jessica (my trainer) was able to get me to a point of physical well being that I had not been at or may never had been at.


The last thing I want to throw onto the list is to finish with reinventing myself.  As you all have read, I wanted to be a farmer/rancher since I was a little kid.

I ended up in the telecommunications field, which has lasted for over 40 years.  About every ten years I have had to reinvent what I did for a living.

Even though I reinvented myself in the telecommunications field, from Installer/Repairman, Cable Splicer, Outside Plant Construction, Central Office Equipment Installation, Engineer, Project Manager to what I am doing today, e-commerce and consulting.

All of these things,I hope to be a means to my ends, and that is to farm. I plan on keeping up with the corporate business that I have had for so many years, but I would like to see more clients be animals rather than people, overtime.

And Have At Least One Cow Someday!

So, you have my hopes and ambitions for 2019.  What are yours?

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Quick Tip


  1. Follow your heart
  2. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will
  3. Don’t give up



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