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New Year

I am amazed at how fast this last year went by.  I, like most people are trying to get their bearings for 2018 and what this year has to offer.  I hope to continue in my learning process of how to live a healthy and happy life. 

David Proctor


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New Year

by David Proctor

January 4, 2018

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I have learned so much in researching information for the articles that go in this magazine.  I have tried to concentrate on what would apply to urban agriculture, family, and healthy living, with the emphasis on food.

I have tried to share my own experience which tends to be sharing all the mistakes that I make, but that is what makes up experience.  I have changed my thought process from conventional to non-conventional when it comes to growing food.

A real movement has been going on in the country to get away from the unhealthy food that we have grown up eating.  And for good reason; we want to be mobile, lean, and not just live longer but live happier.

Life is short, and can not be taken for granted.  As we inter into 2018, it is not about making resolutions that may be forgotten, or life changes that are put to the side before January is gone.  It is about looking in the mirror and deciding if we are happy with what we see.  Do we want to be around for our kids and grandkids?

Take the reigns by taking small steps that can be repeated till they become a lifestyle.  Read the labels so you know what is going in your body and your children’s bodies.  Think about why we have children that are obese and diabetic.  These are the reasons for change.
Start with stretching and taking walks.  Just that in its self if repeated will make a difference.  This is the reason why I even try to put out an article each week, is so I stop to think about these issues and hopefully make you think about your health and you children’s health.


Happy 2018


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