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Last year I felt like a homeless gypsy till I bought my Airstream. I thought it was time to relax and explore a little so I took my land yacht on a short excursion to an Island.

David Proctor


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North Carolina Outer Banks

by David Proctor

 September 03, 2020

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I haven’t found much to watch on TV since we are in an election year, social uprisings, and “plagues”.

I think our society is becoming really stressed out. We are not able to really talk with each other and socialize.

Even when we do try and socialize it is hard to understand what is being said if a mask is being worn.

Since I have not heard or seen anything lately that seems to be constructive for my health, I decided to focus on my mental well being and take a short exploration to a place I have never been; Ocracoke Island, North Carolina.

I thought at first, I would just drive my truck there since you have to take a ferry boat to get to the island, which is over a two-hour boat trip.


Ferry Terminal Cedar Island

Ferry Terminal Cedar Island

What is the adventure in that if I don’t take my home with me, my Airstream?

I went online and booked a roundtrip leaving on August 25th and returning August 27th.

I then booked a campsite with the National Park System by the ocean and then booked the following night in Ocracoke proper.

This was the first time taking the camper on a ferry boat. No easy task since it is 31’ long and 8’ wide, along with being hitched to a full-size Suburban.

We fit though. 


On The Ferry

On The Ferry

The drive to get to Cedar Island Ferry Terminal was absolutely gorgeous.

You should always buy your ticket in advance, and you cannot be late!

The ride over was wonderful. It was like taking a mini-cruse. I already felt my body downshifting.


Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat

Ferry To Ocracoke

Ferry To Ocracoke

I was thinking about Jimmy Buffet and how he was always getting away to an island to escape.

Once the ferry made it to the Ocracoke terminal, we all unloaded and I headed to midway down the island where the campground is.

I checked in and headed to my designated spot and made myself at home.  There are no amenities at the site such as power, water, sewer, just a picnic table, and grill.  So I was boondocking!


National Park Service-Ocracoke Island

National Park Service-Ocracoke Island

That was fine with me, opened up the windows and a nice breeze went through the camper the whole time I was there.

I walked across some dunes and there it was the Atlantic Ocean, plus almost no one on the beach. I love Virginia Beach, but… this was nice!


Dune_Ocean Background

Dunes_Ocean Background

Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Everything was slower. The speed limit was 20mph most of the way, people in the streets on bicycles, golf carts, or just walking, and my pulse was slower.

I spent time walking the beach and that night all I could hear with my windows of the camper open was the ocean.


Beach & Ocean

Beach & Ocean


I was a little nervous when I took off to make this trip… that was gone now. I knew I did the right thing.

The next morning, I got up at 4:30 am to do my morning run and view the stars. I was not disappointed. I have not seen the Milky Way and the other constellations so bright in the sky.

I had not only gotten away from noise pollution but also light pollution. I don’t like street lights.

Later I watched the sun come up and spent more time on the beach and in the water.





Checked out of the campground and went to Teeters Campground down in the middle of Ocracoke.


Teeter's Campground

Teeter’s Campground

Nice place and within walking distance to a lot of shops and restaurants.

Met some really nice people and got to see some very historical sites. Yes, Ocracoke Lighthouse.


Ocracoke Light House

Ocracoke Light House

At some point, I want to travel and see the rest of the lighthouses along the Outer Banks.

Caught the ferry back to Cedar Island and came back to my campsite below New Bern, NC.


Ferry To Cedar Island

Ferry Back To Cedar Island

In summary, you might be thinking, what does this have with Urban Farm Lifestyle?  UFL is about taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually through what we eat, how we spend our time, and the social connections we foster.

To do that you, in my opinion, you need to take a break in your routine and put a new view in your windows.

Happy “island escapism” wherever that may be for you.




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2020-08-26 Ocracoke Island 0:46
Sunrise on the beach of Ocracoke Island, NC

Quick Tip

If you take a ferry that is not free, be sure and purchase your ticket at least the day before

Do not be late for boarding, they will leave without you

Getaway and recharge your internal batteries

This trip cost about what one night in a decent hotel cost

Be sure and take sunscreen and bug spray, they will eat you up!




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