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One Year

I have published now for one year, every week on Thursday at 5:00am.  I started on my sixtieth birthday.  The first publication was sent to one subscriber: me.  I am going to give myself a break this week and republish the issues no one ever got the chance to read.


David Proctor

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One Year

                                    by David Proctor

June 18 2015 – June 23, 2016

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You may ask why do I keep publishing.  It is a lot of work to come up with material each week and to try to bring topics of interest.

The reason I keep doing this is because it makes me research and try to find out what is going on with our food system, try and find out why obesity and allergies are epidemic.

I feel that the food that we eat could be more nutritional and better tasting than what we have become use to.

I have learned that salt, sugar, and fat play a major role in how our food is produced by manufacturers and these ingredients keep us coming back for more and more. These ingredients are also a key reason for obesity and food addictions.

I have learned how corporations have patented genes so our farmers are held hostage to the big seed companies for their seed. Even if they try to grow non-GMO, they can be prosecuted if their plants show traits of GMO even if the pollen came from another farmer’s fields.

So here is issue one, the one you never got to read because you hadn’t subscribed yet.


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4 comments on “One Year
  1. Mike Quick says:

    Happy Birthday and thanks for providing a perfect example for those interested in good health AND publishing.
    Your first issue provides a perfect introduction to what you deliver with each issue.
    I will spread the word and recommend to my friends.

    • urban says:

      Thanks Mike.

      • Mike Quick says:

        For some reason, I always seem to have trouble after I click to make a comment about your newsletter.

        Every issue is great. I just read about Yoga. Kelsey did a fine job and you asked perfect questions. Most importantly, now I think I know why so many people have back pain and other problems.
        So many people these days are stressed out. Even if people just pause for a few minutes and truly relax, Healing Yoga can help stop the production of cortisol and dramatically reduce stress.
        These days it is hard to find gold as you search the internet. Your newsletter is always gold.

        • urban says:

          Thank you Mike for the kind words. I will look at the link and see if I can make it easier to click and comment.

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