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Hurricane Florence.  I went to Oriental, NC to see if I could help with cleanup.  I, as others have, taken a lot of pictures of the destruction.  But what is not so easy to capture is how the local people have pulled together to help each other.

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Oriental, NC

by David Proctor

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October 4, 2018

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I went out to Camp Don Lee to help with cleanup.  I have been there several times and have enjoyed the beauty and peacefulness of the area.  Unfortunately, the camp was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Florence.


Numerous trees had been blown down, some cabins had been flooded by the waves, plus trash and debris from places other than camp lying around.

This is were our focus was, to get the camp cleaned up.  It seemed a very difficult task when we first arrived.  Looking around, all you could see was things that needed to be picked up, sawed up, and hauled off.

We had about twenty volunteers, everyone younger than me, thank goodness.  We started in on the cleanup and it was amazing how quickly forty hands picking up trash and debris could make a difference.

It was warm, everyone was sweating, yet it felt good knowing that a difference was being made.  The difference could be seen in the camp and the reward on the faces of the volunteers, knowing they had made a difference.

When we have these times of natural disasters, it is very easy to focus on the devastation.  Though in times like these, this is when we need to think of our neighbor and their needs.  Some lost a little and some lost a lot.

The town of Oriental is really pulling together to put things back the best they can.  They were hit hard and have roads to repair and debris to haul away, yet in the short time I was there, I saw vast improvement.

In fact, the town of Oriental is still going to hold the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival Friday -Sunday, October 5-7.  Funds raised will be donated to the Pamlico County Disaster Relief Coalition, in partnership with the Pamlico Partnership for Children, to provide help to families affect by the storm.

2018 Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival Button

So as the area prepares to move forward, remember in these times when all seems lost that every storm has a rainbow.  It is hope that gives us the ability to get through the storms.

Below the bridge
Below the bridge

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Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival | Oriental, NC

Friday, October 5, Schedule
Saturday, October 6, Schedule
Sunday, October 7, Schedule


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