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I started publishing Urban Farm Lifestyle to try to educate and promote eating better, not more. Below is an excerpt from the first issue.



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Meatless School Days

by David Proctor

 February 17, 2022

Urban Farm Lifestyle Magazine    Published Weekly

June 18, 2015
Volume 1 Issue 1

Urban Farm Lifestyle is a look at the past with the present in mind and in preparation for the future.

We want to encompass the time when we called food, just-food.

A time when we all were outdoors to work, play and receive the rewards of embracing nature.

We have to be aware that we are no longer in those times.

What we call food may or may not be food, due to the deception that has been placed on our taste buds.

We have to prepare for a future when supply cannot keep up with demand.

Ignorance will not be bliss; life will require us to utilize all our knowledge and experience to survive.

Those who depend on others will pay a price.

At Urban Farm Lifestyle, we believe that individuals who seek and embrace a natural, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle, will not only be happier but also less prone to the common ills of society; such as obesity, allergies, hypertension, and diabetes to name a few.

This is not a brand-new discovery, but a step towards a healthier lifestyle.

We can’t accept that the only reason we have an obesity crisis is that no one gets off their duff to exercise.

We do need to be active and exercise but what if that is only one part of the problem?

What if the industry that we depend on to supply our food, has supplied us with something that tastes like food, looks like food, smells like food, but is not healthy food?

What if our senses have been fooled to where our natural sense to “stop eating, I am now full” gets turned off?

These are the issues that will be looked at, talked about, and examined for our knowledge and awareness.

The only, and I mean only, way to fight these trends is to become aware, vote with your food dollars, and take steps to remove and replace unhealthy food with healthy food either grown or raised by you or a trusted farmer.

Let’s join together, for the sake of our future generation, for the sake of our children and ourselves, be aware and always remember that you will get what you settle for!

Try to approach this in small steps, the first step is:

  • Make time for a new lifestyle to take care of our bodies. 
  • Mobility is everything, start by stretching
  •  Look at what is in your cupboard, your refrigerator, and on your shelves, for items to cook or heat up. 

If it’s fast, easy, or convenient, it is probably bad for you.  

  • We start looking at the labels to understand to some extent what is going in us. 

But the labels don’t always tell us everything because the industry does not have to tell us how much sugar is in their products as a daily percent or if the product is GMO.

  •   It is time to rediscover dirt and what makes good dirt to grow things.  We will look at containment, composting, and what we do not want in the dirt like pesticides and herbicides.

 We will look at what we have to do to make ourselves food secure, self-reliant, healthy, sustainable, and regenerative.

We will explore heirloom seeds and animal husbandry.
One of the factors that really motivated me to start this publication was seeing the children at my daughter’s high school and the majority of these young adults were obese.

Not surprising considering the food choices they were given.

The situation has not improved.

In fact, it has gotten worse due to the poor-quality food and dietary choices we have given ourselves and our children.

This issue addresses the growing concern about promoting fake food and low-quality protein in our school systems.

When I read “New York Goes Vegan on Fridays” and the promotion of “Meatless Mondays“, I knew we were headed in the wrong direction.

Please read thisan open letter to Eric Adamsto the NYC mayor that pushed for this policy, pinned by Diana Rodgers author of Sacred Cow.


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