Thanksgiving Day?

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In the spring I wrote Earth Day canceled! Who would have thought that the powers to be would also want us to cancel Thanksgiving with our families?


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Thanksgiving Day

by David Proctor 

 November 26, 2020

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This is a day that in whatever form you are celebrating, and with who you feel comfortable celebrating with, you should continue to make this a day of gratitude.
We have all seen times this year that have not been pleasant and have been trying to say the least.
This is still a day that is set aside to stop and reflect on what has been positive.
It is easy to dwell on the negatives, but be thankful for those.  We do not grow or get stronger without adversity.
This has been a time to reset.
Embrace that!
We will not see our old “normal”, but a new perspective of what we consider normal.
If the new normal has us questioning what we are doing in our life, where we work, where we live, and the why behind these, then maybe we are advancing.

As an example, do we really want to spend many hours a day in a commute to bring in the income we feel we must have?

Do we want to go back to work doing what we did before the restrictions of this year?

Do we want to go back to the fast-food way of life?

You may say yes or you may say no. Now is the time to figure this out.
Be grateful for the time to think, to be with family, to cook again, your health, your mobility, your neighbors, and that you are part of God’s creation on this day.
Thanksgiving is just that…being thankful for what we have and who we have in our lives.
I hope this day brings you Peace, Love, Joy, Hope, and a deeper Faith.

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Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Thanksgiving Cornucopia

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