Thanksgiving Memories

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Thanksgiving Memories


Since Thanksgiving is today, let me share some of my favorite Thanksgiving memories with you and invite you to reflect on your own favorite Thanksgiving memories as well.



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Thanksgiving Memories


                                    by David Proctor

November 26, 2015

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Thanksgiving Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I know some of my family would say that is because of the good food my grandpa use to make on Thanksgiving.

He was a great cook; baking rolls, preparing the dressing, and cooking pies. It was a good time to wear my bib overalls so I’d have room for dessert.

What really made this a special day was the family getting together. I can remember the first Thanksgiving I brought my wife-to-be, Molly, along with me.

She sat on a stool in the kitchen and her and my mom just talked and talked. These types of memories are the ones that I cherish and remember like yesterday.

I can also remember later in life, after Molly and I had been married and moved to Lebanon, MO.

I was out in the woods troubleshooting a telephone line when suddenly about four turkeys took off in front of me.

I had not seen them at all; they blended in with their surroundings so well. But when they took off, I couldn’t believe how fast they moved and how loud they were. It almost took my breath away.

Another Thanksgiving memory is when Molly and I had first come out to Virginia from Missouri.

We were staying at an ocean front motel in Virginia Beach called The Royal Clipper. Molly was working with me as I was splicing a telephone cable at Dam Neck, it was Thanksgiving, and we had little-to-no money after traveling to Virginia.

We ate our Thanksgiving meal sitting on the tailgate of my pickup truck. That Thanksgiving I will never forget, it was one of the best ones that I have had just because we were so thankful to be where we were and together.

Two years ago I had my first Thanksgiving without Molly. It was very hard, but I was very thankful to still be able to have Thanksgiving with my three daughters.

Thanksgiving is all about taking the time to stop and appreciate who is with you.

As my grandfather-in-law Vincent O’Leary used to say, “When you are down and out, just stop and start counting your blessings.”

I hope that you have enjoyed these memories and will have many blessings to count yourself this holiday.

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