The Boys Weekend Out

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The Boys Weekend Out

You owe it to yourself to get away from time to time.  This year I went with my son in law; John, to Bennett Springs Missouri, to go fly fishing for trout. Everyone else caught some fish, I didn’t do as well but still had a great time.

David Proctor




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Fly Fishing At Bennett Springs State Park

by David Proctor

March 29, 2018

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One way to have a healthy sustainable lifestyle is to take a break from your routine and just get away.  I don’t do this as often as I would like, but each year I try to go back to Missouri to see old friends and do some fishing.

David & John
David & John

Bennett Spring State Park is managed by the Missouri Conservation Department.  They bring in fish to stock the river for all the fisherman that come to the park.  This was the third week that the park had been open and our tag numbers were almost eleven thousand.

Cleaned Trout
Cleaned Trout

Years ago, when I worked back around that area I use to go down for opening week.  You would see people fishing almost shoulder to shoulder.


By the third week the fishing is not that intense and you can get out and have part of the river to yourself.

Moving Water

Moving Water

In between being on the river, we would gather to eat and tell fish stories or talk about hunting.  Almost all the food we ate had been shot or caught by one of the guys attending our little get together.


As expected, the time went too quick and we were back on the road to catch a flight back east. Even though I am a little tired from the travel, all went great and came back relaxed and ready to try and remember what it was I did for a living before I left.

Now that is when you know you have taken your mind off things!


Check It Out!

These three short videos demonstrate how to tie the Improved Clinch Knot, the Perfection Loop and the Surgeon’s Knot.  All useful fishing knots.



Fly to Leader   1:53


Perfection Loop 2:21

Adding tippet to leader 2:59

Quick Tip


Gone Fishing Instead Of Just A Wishing!


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