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The movie UP was on my mind as we took off in a hot air balloon.  This was the biggest birthday balloon I have ever given, but was also a chance to view the farms in Shenandoah Valley.


David Proctor

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Valley Ballooning      UP

                                    by David Proctor

March 31, 2016

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Fans were put in front of the opening of the balloon to help fill the massive envelope with air.  As the air went in, a form started to take shape and the walls of the balloon became more rigid.

The balloon really came to life when the gas flames were lit and a long yellow blue flame reached into the center of the form.

            Birthday Girl

We climbed in the basket and once all were in, the flames were put into full force.  Having flown before whether in a small prop plane or a commercial jet, you always have g-force, not this time.  It was like just standing in place and lifting off the ground, angelic like.

We quickly rose up to a height of several hundred feet and were suspended in air as if standing on your own without any lift.

Balloon View

As I looked around at the Blue Ridge Mountains and the valley below I could see cattle grazing and the morning start to take shape in the valley.  I could still hear the rooster crowing below.  No noise but our conversations and the blast from the gas nozzle that supplied our suspension and lift.

Balloon View  

The wind was blowing lightly but from a different direction than when we were on the ground.  We started to drift slightly.

  Balloon View

After floating for awhile the Pilot of the balloon; Don started looking for a place to land.  After a couple of tries dealing with the changing wind currents, we touched down softly to ground.

Balloon Shadow  

My only thoughts were; that was great and when can I fly again.

The point of this story is not to boast about going up in a hot air balloon, well maybe a little boast, but to point out that life can seem to be difficult, the news is full of worries to deal with, but time has to be taken for yourself and let your nerves unwind.

While looking down at the fields I was thinking about getting my hands into dirt and planting this year’s garden.  Maybe even finally getting started on raising some bees and building a chicken coop and starting to raise some chickens.


See how inspired you can get with being in nature and getting some fresh air.

You don’t have to go up in a hot air balloon to get inspired, even though I would highly recommend you give it a try.  But take the time for yourself along with a friend or loved one and step back from the stress and frantic pace that seems so prevalent in life.


Hot Air Balloon Ride.


Quick Tip

Take a break, reset your mind, then look at tackling  your challenges. 


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