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I am starting a test of a product that I will give my findings on at a later date. The product is Wiggle Worm Soil Builder.

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Worm Castings

by David Proctor

 June 18, 2020

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In previous articles on vermiculture, I talked about the raising of worms for use in composting, for bait, and the use of their castings for fertilizer.

I want to try this product; worm castings, on some indoor and outdoor plants.

I have looked at this company as a possible business venture in vermiculture since they claim to be one of the best in the United States.

The package I have is 4.5lbs of pure worm castings that is rated 1-0-0. That translates to a very mild organic fertilizer that is one percent nitrogen, zero percent phosphorus, and zero percent potassium.

The company, Unco Industries, Inc is located in Union Grove, WI. The owner has been producing worm products since the ’70s and has pretty much gotten the procedure down.

I’m not sure if you can make much money with the products that you get, worms, worm castings, and worm cocoons, but I do like the idea that these products are in demand during good times and bad times.

People want to grow plants and go fishing during good times and bad times.


Hungary Cat Fish

Hungary Cat Fish

Especially now, that a resurgence in having a garden at home has become so popular. No wonder, when you go to the stores and shelves are empty.

Everyone finds it hard to totally rely on a system that they have seen crash before their eyes.

It is one thing to have a toilet paper shortage, but a food shortage! That is when things get really serious.

Back to the worms. I am going to select a few plants that my girls have that are in the need of help, for whatever reason.

This is not a triple-blind test with a p-value <0.05, no this will just be a trial to see if some plants can be revived and start to do better.

My oldest has an outdoor tomato plant that needs some care. The two beside it are doing fine so this one may just be a reject.

Test Tomato Plant On End

Test Tomato Plant On End

My middle daughter has an aloe vera plant that has been on life support for some time.

My youngest doesn’t have any plants that are in need right now, so I may pick another plant or even buy one for my camper and try the product on it.

What makes this worm castings a little different is that it is not produced from the old red wigglers or Canadian nightcrawler but from an African nightcrawler.

Red Wigglers

Red Wigglers

Most bait comes from Canadian nightcrawlers, which have to be kept cool or they die easily.

The African nightcrawler doesn’t need to be refrigerated and can take the heat and keep going.  That in itself makes them a more desirable product for the live fishing bait market.

Plus, the African nightcrawler produces more castings since it is a bigger worm.

The third product, the cocoons, which have the worm hatchlings, is used for increasing the worm population where needed.

Since we are just about out of spring and into summer, this is when plants should really be thriving. Hopefully, for our test plants, they too will end up as a thriving plant.

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Wiggle Worm Castings

Wiggle Worm Castings

Quick Tip

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How to make compost tea using worm castings.


Unco Industries, Inc.


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