Winter Plant Survival

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Winter Plant Survival

With just a few steps, you can keep your plants thriving during the winter. This issue provides extensive information on watering, pH and other tips for growing plants inside during the winter months.



David Proctor

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Winter Plant Survival

                                    by David Proctor

January 21, 2016

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1) The first thing a plant needs is a sufficient amount of light. The sun provides, but your plants may need a little extra “oomph”. Try grow lights. This article is very extensive on the features of LED and Florescent lighting.

The Grow Lights We Like

After more than 50 hours of research and interviews with five experts—including one who designed plant lighting for Antarctica and the moon…  Read more >>> click here

2) The next thing that needs to be watched is the temperature. Most plants want to be in the 65-75 degree temperature range, as Mary explains in,

Winter Care for Houseplants
by Mary Jane Frogge, Extension Associate

Winter weather adversely affects growing conditions… Read more >>> click hear

3) Last but not least, one of the most important things you can do for your plants’ survival in the winter is to not over water. Mary Small explains in a short article;

Watering Houseplants in Winter
by Mary Small

The number one killer of house plants is over-watering…Read more >>> click here

Grow your vegetables indoors during the winter months!        5:36

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Quick Tip

1. Adjust Your Watering Routine
2. Improve Humidity
3. Pay Attention to Temperature
4. Follow the Sun
5. Put Them on a Diet

Tips on Caring for Houseplants in the Winter


By Marie Iannotti
Gardening Expert


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Watering Houseplants in Winter By Mary Small

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