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Some will say this has been another trying year, and others may say that is an understatement. I say…nothing.

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Happy New Year 

by David Proctor 

 December 30, 2021

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The reason I say nothing about this last year is, no matter what you say someone will not like what has been said.
As I have said before, life is all about attitude and perspective
If you feel bummed out about what is going on in your life, make a list of ten things you are grateful for.
At the top of the list, you might want to be thankful that you are here to even make the list!
After that is done, think about what the year has taught you.
Are you happy with what you do, or do you think you have no choice, you have to continue down the same path?
Remember, you will always get what you settle for.
Pull from this year things that you are not willing to settle for.
Determine what one small step you can take to make a change.
Then repeat.
We do not build strength through an easy, relaxing “normal”.
The challenges are what make us pivot and make changes in our lives.
Change comes from the inside out.
Make this new year, a year that you wish would not end.
Have a happy, healthy, regenerative lifestyle throughout this new year.


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Have any of you thought about the next step? Homesteading!

Modern homesteaders often use renewable energy options including solar and wind power.

Many also choose to plant and grow heirloom vegetables and to raise heritage livestock.

“Homesteading is not defined by where someone lives, such as the city or the country, but by the lifestyle choices, they make. “ Wikipedia

Quick Tip


Now is the time to be composting for next year’s garden.

Click for your composting guide.


“Homesteading.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 6 Nov. 2021,

Photo by from Pexels


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