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What positives can you find in our current state of affairs?  Negatives are easy, that is what the news reports. Stop and think about the positives you are experiencing.

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“Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates”

by David Proctor

 April 30, 2020

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Every morning during the week I get up at 4:30 am to stretch, run, read the bible, then get ready to go to work.

One thing I have added to this routine is I write down ten things that I am thankful for.

I have found that on some days I get up and have a negative attitude, woe is me, type of attitude.

When I stop and think of ten things that I am thankful for, I find that my attitude shifts to the positive, I really start to see that I have been showered with blessings.

I know our country has many things to deal with at this time, but stop and think, what can I do, just one thing that will make mine or someone else’s life better
As a helper I have thought of a few suggestions:

  • Start growing a plant indoors. Grow something easy like Aloe Vera. Even though mine died when I tried.
  • Listen to the birds in the morning and evening. They sing even when being rained on!
  • If you are having to educate your children now, teach them about your history and your family history.
  • Use your kitchen for what it was meant for, cook. Cook something, get good at it. Grow herbs and use them in your recipes.
  • Start a garden, make it small and manageable, like the straw bale garden.
  • Learn canning and store what you grow.  You can see how fragile our food system is, put some back like you would money in a savings account.
  • Go fishing. You can never go wrong with that.
  • Quit using Lysol on everything, if you have to clean everything, use peroxide, and vinegar, something less harmful to you. Your body needs to build immunities.
  • You still have time to start keeping some bees, raising some chickens, or even having a worm farm.
  • Since you’re not coming home and talking about your day at work and how it went, surprise your spouse and ask them about their day!
  • Have a conversation with your children, where you listen and they get to talk.
  • Start something you always said you would do, but somehow never had the time, you have the time now.
  • Notice the sunrises and sunsets, you can see them better since the commuter traffic has been cut down.
  • I do not think we are made to social distance, at least hug someone you know in your family.
  • Pay attention to the type of foods you eat. Unprocessed food can help your body stay much healthier than processed foods.
  • Last but not least, take care of yourself so you can take care of others.  This is a trying time mentally and physically. Turn off the news, if you see or hear someone talking about the big “C”, remove yourself from it. Believe me, this will be continually talked about for a long time.

That is it, my shortlist of ideas to look and work towards the positive.

The negative is easy.

The positive sometimes can take some work to find but it is so worth it.

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Straw Bale Garden 04-18-2020

Straw Bale Garden 03-18-2020


Straw Bale Garden 04-23-2020

Same Straw Bale Garden 04-23-2020

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Everything is Attitude & Perspective!


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2 comments on “Positive
  1. Carry Bailey says:

    Great and very timely article on being positive. I am always reminded that happiness is a decision. We can’t always change our circumstances, we can’t always control the way that we feel but we can control the way that we respond; and, we can decide to be happy even though we are facing difficult or painful things. You can be happy or not, you choose.

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