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  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Birthday A big part of Urban Farm Lifestyle is a celebration of family.  I could not resist doing a birthday issue. David Proctor              From Seed To Fork, Egg To Plate.

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  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Oriental Hurricane Florence.  I went to Oriental, NC to see if I could help with cleanup.  I, as others have, taken a lot of pictures of the destruction.  But what is not so easy to capture

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Jalapeno Salsa

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Jalapeno Salsa With the available fresh herbs and vegetables, it is time to bring out some recipes to put them to work.  While at our local farmer’s market, at one of my stops, a savvy young

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Honey vs Sugar

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Honey vs Sugar I have made a conscious decision to stop consuming sugar as much as I can.  With all the sugar in processed foods, I know I am better off avoiding it, as much as

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Fluoride in Drinking Water

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle Fluoride in Drinking Water Some believe that adding fluoride to the water to prevent tooth decay is great, while others are not so happy about the idea. David Proctor              From

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