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  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle  Vermiculture Vermiculture is the raising of worms for use in composting, for bait, and the use of their castings for fertilizer.  The castings can be used to make worm tea, or just added directly to your

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  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle  Tomatoes Tomatoes are a standby, go-to plant to have in a garden.  I will share insights from pros like Joe Lamp’l of Growing A Greener World and others as tips for growing and preparing tomatoes. David Proctor  

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Superfood – Kale

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle  Kale Kale has been touted as one of the healthiest foods we can eat. When we think of our health we need to be careful of semantics. What is healthy and what is nutritious can be

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Using Permaculture Design

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle  Permaculture Design Permaculture is an agriculture that is focused on utilizing the natural design of ecosystems instead of focusing on individual elements. The emphasis is to work with nature not against it. The goal is to

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Finding & Growing Mushrooms

  Healthy Regenerative Lifestyle   Mushrooms Ever go mushroom hunting outdoors?  Finding mushrooms and eating them fresh is an experience for the taste buds. “Don’t eat a mushroom unless you’re certain it’s an edible species!”  David Proctor         

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