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Manmade Droughts Sometimes we have too much and at other times, not enough water.  What can we do with the rainwater that we receive, to make it more effective? Enjoy, David Proctor  Urban Farmer/Rancher Effective Rainfall by David Proctor July 11,

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Healthy July 4 Recipes

July 4th Recipes Making a few simple adjustments to your recipe can reap a much healthier product.  Enjoy, David Proctor  Urban Farmer/Rancher Healthier On The Fourth by Carolyn Proctor July 4, 2024 Urban Farm Lifestyle Magazine    Published Weekly  Potato Salad: Potato

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Poison Ivy Rash

Poison Ivy Prevention & Treatment Going camping and or hiking? This article will help you with the prevention and treatment of poison ivy. Enjoy, David Proctor    Urban Farmer/Rancher Homeopathic Treatment – Poison Ivy by David Proctor June 27, 2024 Urban

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Laying Ducks

Raising Ducks Most people think of chickens for the backyard, even though our web-footed friends can produce more eggs for a longer period of time, the male duck doesn’t crow, and they love to eat slugs among other yard pests.

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Unprocessed Milk

Raw Milk With all the debate about processed food, few have as many strong opinions as the debate about which is better for you, raw milk or pasteurized milk, and what they can or can not do for you. Enjoy,

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