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Healthy Living Quiz

When it comes to eating organic, natural, wholesome food in order to maintain a healthy regenerative lifestyle, what is the single biggest challenge, frustration or problem you’ve been struggling with?

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Healthy Living Quiz

by David Proctor


November 15, 2018

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The reason for this quiz is to better understand the individual needs and challenges that keep us from eating organic, natural, wholesome foods so as to maintain a healthy regenerative lifestyle.
I want to get to a better understanding of the WHY behind not eating good food and what challenges or frustrations are behind the decisions.
I know what my reasons have been in the past, but those reasons may not be your reason.  You may not have a choice due to a particular circumstance that you face in life.
Eating healthy, I believe, has so many implications in our enjoyment in and of life, by being able to have a higher quality of life.

Top 10 Superfoods
Brain Food

Proper nutrition plays a big role in how we think, our moods, how our body ages and recovers from or prevents illness and disease.
I am not a nutritionist, a doctor, nor a scientist. But I am an observer and researcher that has a keen interest in better health.
I never really gave much thought about what I was eating other than did it taste good, and did it fill me up? Not so much thought was given to what I was eating and the effect on my body. Nor did I think about how much I was eating as long as I was full (satiated) when done.
What brought my change and focus then you might ask?  My world changed when my wife died.
 Molly was not what I considered in bad health.  We traveled, took vacations, raised a family.  Molly was also a very good cook. She would help stretch food dollars as far as she could for our family of five.  We have three girls, that for much of their young lives were on year-round swimming teams (best in backstroke and distance).  I use to say, it was like feeding locust.

My Girls
My Girls

We had a pretty high carb diet, to help keep up with the huge number of calories being spent during workouts.  The only problem was, Molly and I were not doing the workouts, our girls were.  Molly and I gained weight.  Not to mention we had a fondness for beer, that didn’t help.
As time went on, Molly had a really close call one day. She was not able to get her wind, to make it up the stairs from the basement.  With my help, she was able to slowly make it up to the first floor.  She was winded.  I tried to take her blood pressure with our home unit I had gotten for myself a number of years ago, but it malfunctioned.
I told Molly she needed to go to the emergency room, she didn’t want to, but I persuaded her to go.  After a long time, just trying to get to the car, we made it to the hospital.  I later found out that my blood pressure machine had not malfunctioned, it just was not able to read how high her blood pressure was, roughly around 220 over 160.  She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. 
Fortunately, she survived and we started making dietary changes to limit salt intake.  That is when I first started reading labels on the food I bought.  I never realized how much salt is in bread, soups, sauces, and the list goes on.

Molly pretty much recovered, but not fully.  She later died.

The other thing that brought my attention to dietary needs, was noticing the general population at schools that my girls went to while growing up. I didn’t pay much attention at first because my girls were in such good shape, and most of their friends were too.

But after Molly passing away, I really started to notice the overall school population was obese.  It wasn’t like when I grew up and the overall population was thin, these kids are really big, and from a very early age.
I noticed that Pepsi was a school sponsor.  Would it be a surprise to learn that their product was readily available?
I watched a show one time, the “Naked Chef”, where he was trying to get the school system in a town in West Virginia to server healthier lunches.  They would have nothing to do with it.  The kids loved the McNuggets and fries, and didn’t want the healthy meals.  Plus, the healthy meals cost more and the existing menu was approved by the government.
In my own personal context, at my peak I weighed 255 lbs., being 6’3 that may not sound too bad, but it was.  Most of it was a spare tire, that was not going flat but inflating.

I decided when I was turning 50, to start making small changes.  I stopped drinking, didn’t quit, just stopped.  I stopped taking a bag of chips in my lunch.  Then I stopped using two pieces of bread on my sandwich and just folded one over.

I started to do stretches.  First in the shower when I would be waking up, I would reach for the ceiling then reach for the toes.

I started to do a small stretch and workout in the morning.  I started losing pounds.  I also started tracking my blood pressure and weight.

As time went on, I even stopped drinking coffee to see if that made any changes to my blood pressure, which it didn’t, but I still don’t drink coffee.  By the way I take no medications, my average blood pressure is 111/78/76 and I weigh 191 lbs.

I did gain almost 20 lbs. when I was on the road and my diet was Sneakers and peanuts.  I love Sneakers and peanuts, I just don’t love what they do to my body.
I realized I also had taken on a big demon (in my mind anyway), and that was sugar. 

Once I started trying to eliminate sugar from my diet, I not only had weight loss, but other benefits started to become noticeable.

Long story short.  This is why I am asking and trying to ethically bribe you to take my quiz.  I want to find out your story, your challenges, your frustrations on your road of life with being healthy.
Being healthy encompasses more than what you eat.  It involves your mental state, your physical activity (how mobile you are), and your body’s resistance to illness and disease.  I want to start though with food and drink.  That is what goes into your body and in turn, you are what you eat.
So please take the time to fill out the quiz, it will help me write better and more informative articles that hopefully you will want to read.  The time you take and the answers you give will have a huge impact on my own direction in life; personal and in business.

Please take your time, answer from the gut, no pun intended.
When it comes to eating organic, natural, wholesome food in order to maintain a healthy regenerative lifestyle, what is the single biggest challenge, frustration or problem you’ve been struggling with?
Thank you for your time. 


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PS It is still ok to eat big on Thanksgiving, it only comes once a year!

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My own personal experience in life is that I found it very hard to quit something that I really wanted, but was able to walk away from that something if I had the mindset that I was just stopping not quitting.



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