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Thanksgiving has always been a holiday for families to take the time to get together and gather around a meal that has been symbolic for the year’s good harvest.  This day gives us a time to appreciate and be with our loved ones.



David Proctor


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by David Proctor

November 22, 2018

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This will be the sixth Thanksgiving that we will not have Molly Anne physically with us.  Even though this greatly saddens my heart, I still have the great memories spent with Molly and our family at thanksgiving time.

Caitlin, Molly, Carolyn, and Kelsey

My girls have grownup and are starting their own lives, which is great, that is how it should be.  I hope that Thanksgiving will take on a similar meaning to them.  It is so hard to remember what we are thankful about when being hit from all angles of media to buy, buy, and buy some more, to try and find happiness.

Kelsey, Carolyn, myself, and Caitlin

Please remember that the greatest gift you can give will be of your heart and your undivided attention and time given to friends and family.  Life is short, live in the moment.


My Thanksgiving prayer, is one that I pray for my girls every day.

Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing me to see this beautiful day that you have created. I pray that your healing loving touch will be on Caitlin, Kelsey and Carolyn’s mind, heart and soul. I pray that the holy spirit will provide them the rest that they need, the courage to face the day and what comes their way, the peace, love, joy and comfort that they want and need.  Please be with them this day as they go to and from activities and work.  Please provide a Guardian Angel to be with them as they travel and drive the old cars that I put them in.  In your name, I pray, God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Please remember that a good harvest is symbolic of more than just crops.  It can mean what blessings we have experienced, what we have gained in knowledge, or in helping others.


Have a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels.

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