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Longevity Life Secrets Paradox: How To Die In a Young Body In Old Age!

David Proctor


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Longevity Lifestyle

by David Proctor 

 January 14, 2021

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Have you ever wondered what the secret to living longer is?

Why do some people seem to live longer and are more active in their old age than many others?

Well, it probably has nothing to do with some special operation or magic pill.

The secrets to living longer are already in front of you, but most people fail to notice.

Having a healthy and fit body when you are older depends on the lifestyle that you choose to live today.

So, what are the secrets to a healthy lifestyle?

It often has more to do with small actions and choices rather than difficult routines.

You don’t have to wake at 3 am in the morning to exercise every day if you want to add a few years to your life.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Living longer requires maintaining a healthy balance of a proper diet, healthy eating, and maintaining healthy relationships.

Your mental state also plays a big role in how long you live.

People who have more tension and stress are likely to die young, so keeping a positive mindset is the way forward.

If you are looking to stay strong well into old age, then it’s all about following these steps day in and day out. You’ll still be able to live your life to the fullest.

In fact, a healthy lifestyle will leave you feeling fresher, more energized, and motivated every day.

Longevity Life Secrets Paradox: How To Die In a Young Body In Old Age

Everyone wants to remain young and healthy their whole lives, but unfortunately, this is not the way nature works.

Getting old is a reality from which you cannot escape, and even with a healthy lifestyle, you’ll have to face the effects of aging at some point in life.

However, while you cannot go against the effects of father time, you can certainly keep your body fit and young well into old age.

There are many 60-year-olds who have the body of a 35-year-old and vice versa.

It’s all up to what lifestyle choices you make during the course of your life that will determine how quickly your body ages.

By following these steps, you will be guaranteed a healthier body as you age, which makes retirement much more exciting.

If you are young, then that’s great.

By starting now you’ll have enough years ahead of you to stay fit your whole life and well into old age as well.

If you are already old, then remember that it’s never too late to start.

Eat Plenty of Whole Plant Foods 

The secret to living longer and maintaining a healthy body often lies in a healthy diet. What you get from your body is the result of what you put inside it.
By eating lots of plant-based foods, you will avoid many illnesses and live much longer.
Plant foods such as beans, lentils, and other staple grains usually contain high levels of antioxidants, which help in slowing down the effects of aging.



Many plants also have an anti-inflammatory effect which helps prevent many illnesses.
By eating a plant-rich diet, you can lower your chances of getting heart, liver, and kidney disease by at least 30%.
You’ll also end up eating less and feeling more satisfied after meals, which reduces the stress on your digestive system, helping you live a longer life.



Get Plenty of Exercises

While getting the right amount of calories in your diet can play a major role in helping you live longer, what you do with the energy also has a significant effect on your body.

People who engage in physical activity daily are less likely to get common illnesses and usually have stronger immune systems.

By getting plenty of exercise, you can add a few extra years to your life.




You don’t have to be a pro-athlete or gym rat to stay healthy and live a longer life.

Moderate exercise of fewer than 3 hours every week can make you live at least 30% longer than people who don’t exercise regularly.

Try to stretch every day to prevent back pains and joint problems as you get older.

Drink Green Tea Regularly

When it comes to living longer, green tea can work miracles for your health.

Not only does it have lots of antioxidants, but it also has chemicals such as polyphenols that play an important role in preventing cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Considering the fact that many older people die from such illnesses, you should drink green tea regularly to avoid such illnesses.


Green Tea


Green tea can also help reduce anxiety and stress and can calm you down when your body is under pressure.

It also reduces fatigue, which is one of the most common causes of early aging.

Try and drink a cup of natural green tea every day to help boost your immune system and prevent many illnesses.

Try to avoid drinking tea that has too much caffeine, however, as it could disrupt your sleep patterns and lead to unhealthy habits.

Stay Away From Alcohol, Smoking And Vaping

It’s no secret that excessive drinking can lead to health issues such as liver and heart disease, but did you know that even moderate drinking can have a negative effect on the body after many years.

One of the best ways to add a few extra years to your life and stay younger for longer is to avoid alcohol, drugs, and smoking.

Taking illegal (or legal) recreational drugs will cause you to have a weaker immune system and you will be at a higher risk of disease.

Even a few years of taking drugs when you are young can have a negative effect on your body for your whole life.

The same goes for smoking and vaping.




When it comes to such substances, then avoidance is the best option.

Get Enough Sleep

As mentioned previously, fatigue can cause you to age much faster. By getting enough sleep every day, your body will be refreshed and it will be able to repair any damaged tissue so that your body is in its best condition.

Unfortunately, many people do not get enough sleep, which leads to extra pressure on the body the next day and will cause your body to wear out much faster.




Ask any fitness expert or athlete and they’ll tell you that sleep is probably the most important part of their routines.

When you sleep, your mind gets rests as well and your blood circulation is improved, leading to a healthier body.

While many adults are satisfied with 6 hours of sleep a day, you should probably aim for 8 hours, especially if you exercise regularly or do more physical work.

Get Close To Other People 

One particular way to help you live longer is to nurture meaningful friendships.

Many studies have shown that people with stronger relationships are more likely to live a few years longer than those who don’t.

It doesn’t matter if you only have a few friends or relatives; having a close bond is important.




The same thing goes for happiness.

People with more anxiety and stress will usually age much faster than those who have a positive outlook.

Simply thinking negative thoughts can put a strain on your body, which can compound over time and cause you to age faster. 

A Complete Lifestyle (Urban Farm Lifestyle)

Living longer is dependent on your lifestyle and eating habits throughout your life.

There’s no ‘magic pill’ that will prevent you from aging and keep you young, but you can slow down this process by making the right choices daily.

In the end, good habits compounded over time will help you feel younger in your old age.

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